Brown Parents Don't Believe in Therapy

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Lilly Singh

10 mesi fa

It's so weird that my Indian parents don't believe in therapy, even though they're the reason I go! Jokes aside, I grew up in a culture that didn't really talk about mental health and I'm trying to change that and address the stigma. Did you experience something similar in another culture? Let's talk about it and make sure we're all mentally healthy during this difficult time. Love you, Lilly x
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Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh 10 mesi fa
Thanks for watching!! What was your favourite part? Personally, brown parents having "The Talk" is what my nightmares are made of LOL.
Ruo Yang Yu
Ruo Yang Yu 9 giorni fa
Aww, thank you for this video Lilly! In my experience, Chinese parents are similar. It is quite sad. I am also in therapy for the same issues. I'm in my 30's now and growing up would have been a totally different experience if I knew about this earlier. I do think working through, healing and holding space for the many people making this journey is such sacred work! Thanks!
nimoa abdi
nimoa abdi Mese fa
i get i myself is brown or are brown whatever
Mc Beauty
Mc Beauty Mese fa
Lily u are wrong my parents took me to therapy when I was suffering from dpression
Aluravia Mese fa
Vandana Murali
Vandana Murali Mese fa
Love u lilly♥️♥️♥️
Sonya Panesar
Sonya Panesar Ora fa
*every day you have 15 million people kissing your bum bum* 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭💀
lara izadin
lara izadin 10 ore fa
She said what up every one it is your girl lilly she mixed up bcz her other intros says whats up every one it is your girl ‘SUPER WOMEN’
Manjinder Sangha
Manjinder Sangha 3 giorni fa
Idea people help everyone how about I don't help you 😒
Archana Shitut
Archana Shitut 3 giorni fa
Watching Lily Singh's videos is d best therapy :) Whnvr i feel low, i watch ur videos n boom the energy is back. I specially like Paramjeet's exprssn n accent. LUv mucha Lily....
ScaryBeast 4 giorni fa
Me:I'm depressed. Mom:What is that? Me:*Explains* Mom:Why are you sad? Did anybody in the house being mean to you? Me:Oh my-
Poorvika 4 giorni fa
I won't be mad = look kid, I know you won't tell me otherwise, so I'm telling you this so you tell me the truth and then I will be mad at you no matter what you say
Phaedra 7 giorni fa
All non-white parents don't believe in therapy. They think its for spoiled rich white people and what do they have to be depressed about.
Y A S H N Y 8 giorni fa
Typical aunties.. they can be very mean and rude sometimes
P K 9 giorni fa
"Why u have issues u magazine "🤣🤣🤣🤣
Seiba Saber
Seiba Saber 9 giorni fa
Lmaoooooooo my parents just tell me to drink water like I once broke my leg and they said I should drink more water
Vaidehi gupta
Vaidehi gupta 9 giorni fa
Why you have issues? You magazine 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lashell Davis
Lashell Davis 9 giorni fa
Lilly u are so amazing
Dolma Rajkhowa
Dolma Rajkhowa 10 giorni fa
Relates to this on an unhealthy spiritual level
Dolma Rajkhowa
Dolma Rajkhowa 10 giorni fa
My parents called bulimia as just acidity 🙏
Akanksha Rana
Akanksha Rana 11 giorni fa
On a very serious note I think strict parents are the worst
Sexy Zebra
Sexy Zebra 13 giorni fa
I’m Mexican so I can totally relate to this 😁
azra kazi
azra kazi 13 giorni fa
Am i the only brown person who cant relate to this?
Muffin Cake
Muffin Cake 14 giorni fa
I read the caption and said "they really don't" 😂
Sunny Blesses
Sunny Blesses 15 giorni fa
1:56 🤣🤣
padma maddi
padma maddi 17 giorni fa
That is true but not every brown parent is like that my parents let me get therapy
Sharon Robin
Sharon Robin 18 giorni fa
Amazing..i can so relate this to my upbringing
Coming soon
Coming soon 19 giorni fa
Mili Reddy
Mili Reddy 19 giorni fa
*GASP* she said "it's your girl lilly" only true fans will get this
CaptainSuj 20 giorni fa
My dad started believing in therapy when his mom forced him to go to it after ptsd
Asmaa jay
Asmaa jay 20 giorni fa
Lilly just saying but my dad believes in therapy and he's brown
tvisha mittal
tvisha mittal 20 giorni fa
honestly, every brown parent ain't like this but I know this I kind of roleplay, like at least my parent's ar not like this and there are Indian so am 'i.and my mom actually doesn't think therapy is bad.
•Aesthentiqe• 20 giorni fa
Rule number one of doging the belt, when your mom says "If you tell me The truth I won't get mad" NEVER. TELL. HER. THE TRUTH. _and parents wonder why we get trust issues-_
DMY 21 giorno fa
What do you think of these twin babies
Monisha Deb
Monisha Deb 23 giorni fa
I love you Lilly
Reyan Alinour
Reyan Alinour 25 giorni fa
I feel like its an ethnic parents thing 😂
Amu 25 giorni fa
Popular opinion : We all sometimes forget the fact all these people are one person
Aesthetics of tiktok
Aesthetics of tiktok 25 giorni fa
Me : Mom..I'm not feeling well..i think its my low self esteem..can i get some therapy Mom : you don't have anything, got your room and study, look at Susans daughter, allways getting straight A's
Vesna Lukic
Vesna Lukic 26 giorni fa
Bosnian culture is the same haha
Siranjeevi Anand
Siranjeevi Anand 26 giorni fa
my brown parent beleives in therapy
Paulína Brezinová
Paulína Brezinová 26 giorni fa
My slavic mother be like
Peace Ninja
Peace Ninja 26 giorni fa
for me it would be more like arabic parents believe in therapy like this would be how it went Me: mom i kinda feel stressed out and you know i just dont feel like life is all that great and im thinking about going to therapy Parents: what therapy? *laughs* funny joke Me: no mom im serious Parents: yea right its simple just be happy your life isnt horrible *keeps laughing* like parents dont understand what kids are going through sometimes
Peace Ninja
Peace Ninja 26 giorni fa
sorry if this is a long or anything im kinda just mad that parents dont understand these kinds of things
lil _devil
lil _devil 28 giorni fa
Omg I am brown and this is too relatable it’s scary
usagie 28 giorni fa
im not indian at all but being Nepalese I completely relate to this lol
Themba Mtshelwane
Themba Mtshelwane 28 giorni fa
Me : I think I'm depressed African parent : How can you be depressed when there's food in the fridge and Netflix is paid?
Kenzie Skye
Kenzie Skye 29 giorni fa
Shivnanda Sreekanth
Shivnanda Sreekanth Mese fa
1:22 hi, every auntie I ever saw before the age of twelve where I slimmed down
Vedant Patel
Vedant Patel Mese fa
Those glass chairs!!!!
azra kazi
azra kazi Mese fa
Im convinced that brown parents are the reason for needing therepy....btw this is so true to me
Hybrid W1 vision
Hybrid W1 vision Mese fa
You make me laugh all the time
Girl Power
Girl Power Mese fa
Not all brown parents
nirmiti mhatre
nirmiti mhatre Mese fa
Well m thankful tht my folks do believe in therapy nd it's kinda annoying at time but sure...
Noorjehan begum
Noorjehan begum Mese fa
What willpeople think lolllll
xItz_Ashleyx Mese fa
My brown parents said "my stomach hurts because I am always on my phone"....... like WHAT!?
Riddhi Singh
Riddhi Singh Mese fa
Very true. well made and conveyed too
Music and Lyrics
Music and Lyrics Mese fa
Princess Favour Okoroafo
Princess Favour Okoroafo Mese fa
Mishka S
Mishka S Mese fa
I’m a doctor, my mom’s a specialist doctor and she’s still unsure how exactly does therapy work. That’s how brown we are 😁😁
Deilyn Wilson
Deilyn Wilson Mese fa
What will people think???
Atqah Yahya Muxsin
Atqah Yahya Muxsin Mese fa
Siranjeevi Anand
Siranjeevi Anand Mese fa
if your mom or someone says what will someone think just say "oh what will they do, oh just say. and then yah
Siranjeevi Anand
Siranjeevi Anand Mese fa
I have a brown parent who belives in therapy
Darsh Handa
Darsh Handa Mese fa
stop being rasict
Its_GILL1328 Mese fa
my parents always say i too many pimples dont even get me started when i go back to punjab
blubrywlfii Mese fa
My mom allowed my brother to go to therapy i mean like I myself was shocked Also my grandma straight up said I have no chest
Zehra's life
Zehra's life Mese fa
My parents Believe in therapy and I am brown
sad nugget
sad nugget Mese fa
OMG MY COUSINS ALWAYS SAY "you have soo many pimples u rasberry i have wipes here look"
Galaxy Duru
Galaxy Duru Mese fa
Its the same with Turkish parents Lmao
Saint Rei
Saint Rei Mese fa
therapy is a waste of money... 🤣....what will the neighbors think
Alex Mese fa
This might be a skit but it highlights a serious issue we have in Asian culture.
IZZY2x Mese fa
Dawg you are pure comedy
sparkle light
sparkle light Mese fa
Quite frankly i ent know any Indian whom don't think the same; time, events and everything changes expect Indian ways, am modern and still have some interesting ways, i think it is in the genes hahaha
Ritu Nayan
Ritu Nayan Mese fa
plz make a video on ur parents reacting to cardi b's wap
Luna Parker
Luna Parker Mese fa
My parents aren't brown but they don't believe in therapy and anything about mental health 🤣
Kpop Addicted
Kpop Addicted Mese fa
I'm proud to say that I'm one of the 15 million idiots that is kissing Lilly's bum-bum 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Army19 Mese fa
pearlene grace
pearlene grace Mese fa
How true
Tanvi Patil
Tanvi Patil Mese fa
This video was so horribly relatable i just depressed myself 😅😐 Love from India 😊
Mannat Dhariwal
Mannat Dhariwal Mese fa
This is so true! Like people can just say stuff to u-about your appearance, personality-and if you're Indian ur not meant to care. It's so annoying- like we have feelings!
blaze beast
blaze beast Mese fa
Why ur dad pouring coke in milk?
indrinita Mese fa
I felt ridiculously seen in this video
Aarav Mese fa
I feel u
vera T
vera T Mese fa
I'm really lucky that my brown parents let me go to therapy, I'm still a minor but I still have HUGE trust issues, literally one of the most relatable videos
Smiles Cries
Smiles Cries Mese fa
Ryan Deonandan
Ryan Deonandan Mese fa
I’ve been going through a lot with my family and this made me laugh so much and not made me feel so alone. Thank you, Lilly!
LilWolfy _
LilWolfy _ Mese fa
sheetal kafle
sheetal kafle Mese fa
Ughh i hate the intro part when she says it's your girl "LILLY" instead of "SUPERWOMAN " 😑
Jatin Choudhary
Jatin Choudhary Mese fa
What will people think I feel it
Jatin Choudhary
Jatin Choudhary Mese fa
We call it shame shame 😂😂😂.
Samiyah Ismail
Samiyah Ismail Mese fa
Lilly :I've never met a brown parent who believed in therapy Me: you should really meet my parents
Janu Miah
Janu Miah Mese fa
This is the first 20yrs of my life.
Setareh Greenwood
Setareh Greenwood Mese fa
the trust thing is so accurateeeeeee. my mom always says I can talk to her about what’s stressing me out and sometimes she doesn’t react badly right away but then she busts into my room at like 8 pm and starts scolding me for not being asleep when i said i was feeling tired two days ago
Gabby Chareunsap
Gabby Chareunsap Mese fa
At schools if kids have good grades and they think they have a mental disorder counselors will just let them go. If you have good grades your emotions aren’t valid. That’s how it work. God
Gabby Chareunsap
Gabby Chareunsap Mese fa
Or Asian parents too tho
Aatish Joshi
Aatish Joshi Mese fa
Why she stopped saying girls superwoman?
Ranu Ghosh
Ranu Ghosh Mese fa
Tru dat lilly
Anna Ak
Anna Ak Mese fa
Eastern European parents don’t believe in it as well
Amanda Walker
Amanda Walker Mese fa
Lilly needs to meet my parents. They actually believe in therapy
Rajendra rathor
Rajendra rathor Mese fa
Lilies one more fan
Hello chetri
Hello chetri Mese fa
Ryma Jbélii
Ryma Jbélii Mese fa
Yo this is SOOO funny!! and the message behind it is amazing!!! As always, great job Lilly ♥️
Nuru Amod
Nuru Amod Mese fa
The accuracy 😂
Madhu T
Madhu T Mese fa
This hits home my gosh. #beingbrown
Udval Mese fa
My parents don't even know what is therapy....
Ju Tealy
Ju Tealy 2 mesi fa
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂laughing and crying over here. Fav. Parts the aunty part and the "what will ppl think?" So glad I found your ITpost. Very funny but serious topics
abhirami a s
abhirami a s 2 mesi fa
Me :Mom I'm depressed. Mom :It's because of your damn mobile!
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