Passive Aggressive Trivia Night

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Lilly Singh

6 mesi fa

That awkward moment when you try to play Zoom trivia with your family and it turns into a legit war. I need to stop catching ideas from my white friends!
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Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh 6 mesi fa
I hope you all enjoyed this video. It was fun to make and I know some of you can relate!
Kara Cake
Kara Cake 14 giorni fa
But wait you live in Canada Canadians are always nice and never passive aggressive you'd never see a Canadian be rude or passive aggressive can anybody else know okay cause I'm not Canadian so can a Canadian back me up?
Eat's Johannes
Eat's Johannes 29 giorni fa
Hello i love you
Ayesha Ali
Ayesha Ali Mese fa
@Reena Sajith okay sure
Bailee Montgomery
Bailee Montgomery Mese fa
I MUST have both sets of parents reactions to WAP and/or Body pppplllllllssssss
bangtan sonyeondan
bangtan sonyeondan 2 mesi fa
i love your vids
Rashmi Pandey
Rashmi Pandey 11 ore fa
Bri Date
Bri Date Giorno fa
Hey Lilly I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me especially with mental health issues thank you for being a amazing role model 💖
Brennan Bussell
Brennan Bussell 3 giorni fa
Parents these days. XD
bhargavi jaladanki
bhargavi jaladanki 8 giorni fa
Why is my mom so annoying everyone: Poker face My brain: Run............. (beat drop)
Amina Eminova
Amina Eminova 10 giorni fa
When Lilly’s mom said hey Siri, Siri actually went on
Hibah Omar
Hibah Omar 12 giorni fa
Lilly (she/her Aunty (pls rishta my son) Paramjeet (elder/wise) Manjeet (Chandigarh Sector 17) LMAO
Sassy Sofi
Sassy Sofi 13 giorni fa
I've always wondered how Lilly plays multiple characters at the same time.
Weird Person
Weird Person 15 giorni fa
"Ill make it a drinking game.." Manjeet: ILL GO GET MY WHISKEY NOW
Miss Bharne
Miss Bharne 21 giorno fa
I make happy videos too. Please check it & show some love❤
Yashu Puri
Yashu Puri 21 giorno fa
Every time paramjeet said hey Siri my Siri turned on
karen shaji john
karen shaji john 23 giorni fa
Uncle: oh motorcycle don't expire Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Reyan Alinour
Reyan Alinour 25 giorni fa
Who else forgets that they're all Lilly and it takes forever to edit these and film them separately ? 😭😭😭 we love you Lilly!
Reyan Alinour
Reyan Alinour 25 giorni fa
Lmao the pronouns took me out
Caramel Popcorn
Caramel Popcorn 25 giorni fa
“Heh.. what happening?” Literally me everyday in school XD
Sonya Islam
Sonya Islam 26 giorni fa
🤣🤣🤣🤣lol ❤
Abdah Mohamed Farook
Abdah Mohamed Farook 27 giorni fa
guys the only type of food that doesn’t expire is every food, they only tell you it expires because they want you to buy more 🙄
ratheesh nair
ratheesh nair 27 giorni fa
My fav part of this video is she uh huh what's happening
Happy Bunny
Happy Bunny 28 giorni fa
I'm binge watching Lilly's videos and laughing so hard. Thank you so much Lilly, really needed this ♡
adwita singh
adwita singh 28 giorni fa
We will by zoom on grocery list!!! I almost died laughing!!!!!!!!
Pog Champ
Pog Champ 29 giorni fa
Sofia Sainty
Sofia Sainty 29 giorni fa
I think this only applies to American white family’s because British white family’s are the most passive aggressive people ever coz we all just angry for no reason
Therian Learner
Therian Learner 29 giorni fa
Welp, I'm extra stubborn, 48 hours
Pranshu Sharma
Pranshu Sharma Mese fa
Uncle G has a separate fan base.
Andrijana Ilic
Andrijana Ilic Mese fa
my white family is apparently indian
hasna blidi
hasna blidi Mese fa
“Parmjeet (elder/wise)”
Maya Mese fa
this channel is brown kids in scarborough help line and depression curer, I've been watching this channel for 5 years
Football Album
Football Album Mese fa
motorcycle LOL
Football Album
Football Album Mese fa
the uncle is best
Exo Shanty
Exo Shanty Mese fa
I love lily's uncle 😍
Doesn't expire? Me: uhhh wine?
NovaStorm Mese fa
I disagree me and my family would be cursing each other out the entire time 😂
Amna Mese fa
Uncle G's "okayyy" is GOLD.
ifra4230 ifra4230
ifra4230 ifra4230 Mese fa
“Sorry motorcycle”😂
The Soccer bros
The Soccer bros Mese fa
1:30 MONO POLY haha my favorite line ever bc I’m Mexican and my mom speaks English like that too
Dazor Jason
Dazor Jason Mese fa
I love uncle's innocent attemt in answering all the questions despite it's just a fight between lily and mom😂😂
Lalrinsangi Chhangte
Lalrinsangi Chhangte Mese fa
So relatable for brown fam 😂😂😂😂
priyanka singh
priyanka singh Mese fa
This was crazy
Kpop Addicted
Kpop Addicted Mese fa
*"ooohoo, that one did burning"*
Ani Mese fa
Twice my Siri started searching 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️
Vijay Mese fa
Angela Hunt
Angela Hunt Mese fa
Okay i now know its only this happens in America
Manusha Korimi
Manusha Korimi Mese fa
Forever classic from Lilly Singh @Lilly Singh
Abi Padma
Abi Padma Mese fa
Uncle G was so funny!!
Manusha Korimi
Manusha Korimi Mese fa
come on lilly make a full length video on your uncle and aunty. uncle that wear daddy hat
2-art 1782
2-art 1782 Mese fa
Uncle just vibing the whole way through, and I dig that
Kriti Mainali
Kriti Mainali Mese fa
" sorry, im too old for these games..." EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO PLAY WITH MY FAM AT A GATHERING. lord ;-;
Валентина Тодорова
Валентина Тодорова Mese fa
She has that L necklace. I know that’s a reference to her name, but if you’re a weeb you know what it means.
Mahnoor Salman
Mahnoor Salman Mese fa
Pokéman XD I'm dead
minx 2 mesi fa
The aunt trynna be cool - "hehe that one did burning!"
SM Thejaswini
SM Thejaswini 2 mesi fa
Please do more family videos !!!
Sinadi De Silva
Sinadi De Silva 2 mesi fa
I'm brown
Angelina Cho
Angelina Cho 2 mesi fa
Oh you know.. Just coming to the comment section to look for that comment where someone forgets that everyone is played by Lilly..
Michelle Mugo
Michelle Mugo 2 mesi fa
Woohoo that one did burning 😂😂🌝
Michelle Mugo
Michelle Mugo 2 mesi fa
"Will put zoom on grocery list,don't worry we will buy"😂😂 Ahhhhh maaanjet!
PuSheen-_-Luver The cat
PuSheen-_-Luver The cat 2 mesi fa
Jungle Booj
Chethan Veena
Chethan Veena 2 mesi fa
The pinical of funnines
Alina Karesheva
Alina Karesheva 2 mesi fa
Actually, I think by the end the family got very good at playing trivia, I just started enjoying it when the video came to its end.
Alina Karesheva
Alina Karesheva 2 mesi fa
The uncle is so funny!
Dusit Champi
Dusit Champi 2 mesi fa
It's Jungle Book!!
Ramya Sayanthan
Ramya Sayanthan 2 mesi fa
If I asked my family to play zoom Trivia. My family would ask me if I don't have any thing else to do.
The electronic Avatar
The electronic Avatar 2 mesi fa
Paramjeet: Because it take 18 hours for Lily to be born My mom: Yeah, it took my kid 46 hours
angel Vibes
angel Vibes 2 mesi fa
3:12 to 3:17😂😂
Jiroshika Rajitharan
Jiroshika Rajitharan 2 mesi fa
Khushi Baheti
Khushi Baheti 2 mesi fa
kar mar
kar mar 2 mesi fa
i’m white but OMM this is my family! 🤦🏼‍♀️ were disfunctional and we can’t ever do one thing. 😂 i stg if my family could survive 10 minutes on a zoom call and not have one of us call the other some name, we’d all have heart attacks from shock. but it always ends with my mom complaining about how long it took to give birth to me and how she now has a c-section scar 💀
Gabrelle Eghill
Gabrelle Eghill 2 mesi fa
Is how she started out with the second question, her dad spit in his drink
Preston Tucker
Preston Tucker 2 mesi fa
Why wa as not funny
Rayy Ali Ali
Rayy Ali Ali 2 mesi fa
I love. How the white Taylor was like “ at this point I’ll never need therapy “ IM DEAD😂😂😂😂😂
Debangee Shaw
Debangee Shaw 2 mesi fa
amusing music
amusing music 2 mesi fa
Pokiman 🤣🤣🤣
Good advice with Iris!
Good advice with Iris! 2 mesi fa
1:39 love the death note necklace!!!
Palash Marskole
Palash Marskole 2 mesi fa
That one did burning. Lol 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Aminah Hamid
Aminah Hamid 2 mesi fa
im watching this after fighting with my mum.
Ariane Chambers
Ariane Chambers 2 mesi fa
Y is she so funnyy🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤‼.
Warisha mirzaa
Warisha mirzaa 2 mesi fa
“what is that one food that never expires?” “milk” “milk never expires?” “sorry sorry motorcycle”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vidura Arya
Vidura Arya 2 mesi fa
Madhura Ghosh Mukherjee
Madhura Ghosh Mukherjee 2 mesi fa
I laughed from the start to the end, like crazy! 😂😂😂😂 The ending, Uncle G: "Thank you. Good." I died😂
Parvathi S
Parvathi S 2 mesi fa
The jungle book uncle is the best !!!🔥🔥
Molly Couture
Molly Couture 2 mesi fa
My sister took 48 hours to be born!
Jennifer 2 mesi fa
This had me in tears
Game Hero
Game Hero 2 mesi fa
The only people you should catch ideas from are your "parents." Surely you can trust them, riiiiiiight?
Santhi Kumari
Santhi Kumari 3 mesi fa
when she said "hey siri" Siri actually came up on my phone 😅
Brianna garcia
Brianna garcia 3 mesi fa
“Sorry sorry motorcycle” 😭😭
Humi Aynan
Humi Aynan 3 mesi fa
What is "Monopoli" 😂
Man Lyanzaw
Man Lyanzaw 3 mesi fa
The uncle be like : ~smile and nod just smile and nod~ 😬😅😅😅
Akshita 3 mesi fa
So for you every white family is blonde!? And Indian families aren't like this!
pro kalan kalan
pro kalan kalan 3 mesi fa
Make more vedieos plzzz.. Love from kerala
Swarna Lata
Swarna Lata 3 mesi fa
Absolutely hilarious ..n dot on bout d guilt tripping..😂😂..Uncle G 👍👍
Isa Matancillas
Isa Matancillas 3 mesi fa
Anabela Oliveira
Anabela Oliveira 3 mesi fa
Lmaoo,i love 'uncle G'
moonbyul be my unnie
moonbyul be my unnie 3 mesi fa
I wonder if her family saw this and could not stop laughing 🤣🙎‍♂️🙎‍♀️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👫
Chris 3 mesi fa
This was 2 days before my birthday
Chris 3 mesi fa
@kenya Ibe thanks :)
kenya Ibe
kenya Ibe 3 mesi fa
happy belated birthday
Mehek 3 mesi fa
Lilly: What is the only edible food that never expires? *The jungle book Uncle* : "Motorcycle"..🤣🤣
Ethan Sanchez
Ethan Sanchez 3 mesi fa
I was expecting uncle be like answering “jungle book” for every question.
shankar chinnasetti
shankar chinnasetti 3 mesi fa
Jangle book
Book Lover
Book Lover 3 mesi fa
Did Lilly buy that L necklace on an Instagram ad?
Love the Uncle
Mourvi Joshi
Mourvi Joshi 3 mesi fa
i love ur family lilly 😂😂
Big Vel
Big Vel 3 mesi fa
Uncle G my guy !!! 😂😂😂😂
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