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Lilly Singh

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Caring, not Karen, amirite?! Watch more sketches like this in my new comedy special: Sketchy Times, streaming for free. Right now on Peacock! Yes, FOR FREE. Just download and watch! Because I care about my ppls! Support ya girl by spreading the word and use the hashtag #SketchyTimes. This sketch is my favourite! Hope you enjoyed it too! And if your name is Karen, don’t worry… I still got love for you baby.
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Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo

rainbowglitterklit 6 ore fa
This is AMAZING!! it is the ultimate Karen roasts
AYAH ASAD Giorno fa
I thought this was workers needing therapy because of Karens
Anddy 11
Anddy 11 Giorno fa
I honestly don’t understand how this is “comedy” Really distasteful
RK LMBD 7 ore fa
Ok be honest. Your real name is Karen.
georgina62 Giorno fa
Awesome and hilarious!!!
Lívia Paganini Borges
Lívia Paganini Borges 2 giorni fa
That’s amazing!
jd rancho
jd rancho 2 giorni fa
India, where the cast system allows you to discriminate legally.
iiAesthetic_ Jxyii
iiAesthetic_ Jxyii 3 giorni fa
She looks good with blonde hair too
iiAesthetic_ Jxyii
iiAesthetic_ Jxyii 3 giorni fa
She should be casted in a movie-
Sheila Vikiru
Sheila Vikiru 3 giorni fa
🤣🤣🤣🤣 soooooo (true).. ahem.. i mean Good🤭
sixteen numbeRthree
sixteen numbeRthree 4 giorni fa
How tf does she get a pass to talk about blacks???
sixteen numbeRthree
sixteen numbeRthree 4 giorni fa
Karen don't need a support group, y'all do! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
James Martin
James Martin 5 giorni fa
That one reminds me of Brick from the Middle with the whispering. Great skit.
Just Me
Just Me 5 giorni fa
Alison Jackson
Alison Jackson 5 giorni fa
"white tears lubricate the wheels of injustice..." - funny but true - ha!
Hamza Dahir
Hamza Dahir 6 giorni fa
I love how all the Karens are blondies lmao
EYELOVE ALL 6 giorni fa
camelspyder1 6 giorni fa
2.4K Karens got offended and gave this video a thumbs down.
Atiya Uthmani
Atiya Uthmani 6 giorni fa
probably the last time we see Lily in a skirt
Rachel S. White
Rachel S. White 6 giorni fa
As a white person of European decent and brown hair: I'm glad someone pinned micro aggressions on brown people with white hair.
ಠ_ಠ M.S
ಠ_ಠ M.S 8 giorni fa
It's all the Karen's name spelled different for me 😂
Cymekus 8 giorni fa
Lilly Singh. The woke bigot. And so not clever.
Kathleen Gonzales
Kathleen Gonzales 9 giorni fa
I feel badly for decent Karens, to have your name now be such a hallmark of stupidity and ignorance. That being said, dang KAREN, my husband doesn't have a green card because he doesn't need one! Why? Uh, he was born here. Oh, you were need to see a birth certificate? Let's see your birth certificate, hmm. You look a little Canadian to me.
BangtanOffc. IND
BangtanOffc. IND 9 giorni fa
Well Karen.... Oops I mean kangana watch yourself.. Lol Lilly you dealt your latest farmer protest and Bollywood Celeb tweets in a excellent manner. STANNNNNN
itsbrittney 10 giorni fa
Can we just talk about how she pulls off the blonde wig??
mm027 10 giorni fa
Samuel Gomes
Samuel Gomes 10 giorni fa
We Stan Karens 🤣🤣🤣
Apu Lanka
Apu Lanka 10 giorni fa
Seriously lily can rock that Karen with an i wig
Elyse Rouzan
Elyse Rouzan 11 giorni fa
Daniel Fonville
Daniel Fonville 11 giorni fa
Imagine if you made a decent video
April Garcia
April Garcia 11 giorni fa
Awesome job! And I love the natural beauty - stunning!
ekin thao
ekin thao 11 giorni fa
Why isnt this actually a thing? We need karens support therapy group. They are literally rising in numbers.
The Scriptessa
The Scriptessa 11 giorni fa
"White tears lubricate the gears of injustice.." spat out my tea with that one...i absolutely loved it 🤣
Meg Fluffy
Meg Fluffy 11 giorni fa
Karens are middle class too, that´s what make them extra dangerous. they´re not just up there in the affluent echelons
Azer Simple
Azer Simple 11 giorni fa
Remember when comedy was about making jokes? Now it's all about making cringy, superficial commentary. Ngl though, the wine-drinking iteration of Lilly does look pretty fine. It's the only thing tolerable about this video.
MJ Zoom
MJ Zoom 12 giorni fa
“Do u have a permit for that?!” Lol 😂
Tom Bacchus
Tom Bacchus 12 giorni fa
Love to Lilly.
LovesthedramaMama 12 giorni fa
This was it.
The Wild Pride
The Wild Pride 13 giorni fa
Who here hates karens
Katrina Sadler
Katrina Sadler 14 giorni fa
I feel like it matters 👀
ycAuntieLala 14 giorni fa
Hilarious 😆
KO. 14 giorni fa
Remember that Karens can be of every race
Kaiya Loves Costco Hot Dogs
Kaiya Loves Costco Hot Dogs 14 giorni fa
I need a part two hon. For the survival of my sanity
Shoumik Mohapatra
Shoumik Mohapatra 15 giorni fa
lol this is soo ture lol
M. Roman
M. Roman 15 giorni fa
When I first saw her name in my feed, I ignored it outright but the video kept popping up. Keep in mind that the only place I’d ever seen Lily is on her talk show, which is, to be perfectly honest, absolutely AWFUL; the corniest, clingiest “jokes” (if you could call them that) I’d ever heard on a professional stage. I was flabbergasted by the fact that this lady had a show, at all. So...I had zero desire to suffer through any more of that travesty of “humor”. But...I finally gave in and watched because I was intrigued by the 14.5 million followers (not that, as we know, having a “following” means anything in the criteria department, these days). Well, absolutely brilliant!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 If this is how she acquired the millions of followers, it makes sense, and this is what she needs to do. What a difference! I had to double check to make sure that this was the same Lily Singh! Incredible as a comedic actor. Which just goes to show; we can be terrible at something and outstanding at something else, and we’ve got to park our egos and know it.
Potato_Gamer 15 giorni fa
most annoying thing "can i touch your hair" WHY JUST WHY what will you gain from touch my hair
Ken Delaney
Ken Delaney 16 giorni fa
Actually portrays Karen/SJWs perfectly
Willie Snyder
Willie Snyder 16 giorni fa
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian 16 giorni fa
I'm both surprised and not surprised that Lily has a cardboard cut out of Will Smith
L B 17 giorni fa
White tears lubricate the gears lol
Brooklyn Medina
Brooklyn Medina 18 giorni fa
The had to put brie bella lol
mary mili
mary mili 18 giorni fa
Looks like I am seeing Katy Perry, because with blond wig she looks like second Katy Perry, so pretty☺😊💓💖
Alex Ciraco
Alex Ciraco 19 giorni fa
Is she the first YTber to be a talk show host?
Prachi Jain
Prachi Jain 19 giorni fa
Woah....i thought Lilly was a more progressive person than that..i loved your outstanding open minded personality girl...but going out and putting up a video like this which hereby gives consent to calling women with opinion 'Karen'....not your thing.....you might say it was a joke or it was'nt intended like that until one day someone calls you a Karen🙂
Emsthename 19 giorni fa
Karen Karing Klub
Gesalatl 20 giorni fa
Does 3:36 remind anyone else of Taylor Swifts ending for Look What you Made Me Do? Just me?
PatTchaikovsky 21 giorno fa
Caren looks like Katy perry!😀
Open Minded
Open Minded 22 giorni fa
Suman SDVideos
Suman SDVideos 22 giorni fa
You are ultimate😀.. #SumanSDVideos You are going fabulously.💖. God bless you all 💯💥💫👌🤳💐
Cynthia Hernandez
Cynthia Hernandez 22 giorni fa
This was so On Point and relevant, done in a very funny way! Lilly you are not only funny but intelligent and you can tell the peace of Humanity is within you! keep making these! on any topic!
Yobachi2007 23 giorni fa
LOL @ white tears lubricate the gears of injustice
GRASSROOTS 24 giorni fa
Lilly is crazy as ever! Funny stuff!
Kekeyi Eilish
Kekeyi Eilish 24 giorni fa
When they scared screaming looking at Will Smith 😂cracked me
Zoey Grace
Zoey Grace 24 giorni fa
Can we appreciate how she literally looks good in every hair Style tho 😍
Jona McKenzie
Jona McKenzie 24 giorni fa
So brilliant😍
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 26 giorni fa
2,300 Karen's don't like this video...
Her Story
Her Story 26 giorni fa
😂😂😂😂😂 From Karen to Caring
bruce turner
bruce turner 27 giorni fa
I bet theres a karen in here
Brooke Wiedemann
Brooke Wiedemann 27 giorni fa
"Everyone deserves juice."
COOLETIC MUZEK 27 giorni fa
this is funny and classy Lilly ... I love this ... thanks for doing this ... you are awesome ...
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 28 giorni fa
Also need their daughters: Haleigh, Caleigh, Ashleigh
Majesty K
Majesty K 28 giorni fa
This was amazing. Reminds me of snl
Rosie Anderson
Rosie Anderson 28 giorni fa
The southern one was sooo accurate
Christina Mays
Christina Mays 28 giorni fa
Caring not Karen 😂
Christina Mays
Christina Mays 28 giorni fa
Carolina Melara
Carolina Melara 29 giorni fa
Toooo Funny!!!!! Surprised no one complained of being offended
pee 29 giorni fa
no thank you
Lord Ronn
Lord Ronn 29 giorni fa
She’s terrible at comedy
Kovac theSaggy
Kovac theSaggy Mese fa
Lesse, we got: Karen. Caren. Karren. Kairen. Karin. Kare N. and Kaeren.
ride along with Nicolle
ride along with Nicolle Mese fa
Loooool omg this is funny
Friction_ PLAYZ
Friction_ PLAYZ Mese fa
Ok you already know the dislikes are from right... Oh no. Code word: K A R E N S
ana vargas
ana vargas Mese fa
Raspberry Cat
Raspberry Cat Mese fa
You know that the actor is good when you almost forget that Lily everyone in this
Kara Cake
Kara Cake 16 giorni fa
Indu Nadason
Indu Nadason Mese fa
This one is the best 👌 please do more videos like this one hilarious 😆
Please keep entertaining us by making videos but do not interfere in our Internal Domestic National Issues. And if you want to be a little informed, read the farm laws first. You are not helping anything.
Renata Klein
Renata Klein Mese fa
Jenny what are you saying?
Random lee
Random lee Mese fa
Oh my gosh i peed a little. Too funny.
ZosiaSamosiaOo Mese fa
YES! Please do this. Ditch that show, it was not a good idea at all. You belong on ITpost, this is what works. Listen to the viewers' voice!
Music and Lyrics
Music and Lyrics Mese fa
Hillary Roos
Hillary Roos Mese fa
"White tears lubricate the gears of injustice!" 🤣 I need that on a bumper sticker lol
Wake Up
Wake Up Mese fa
Hilarious! So super talented, this is who I missed🤣🙏💖💐
Giovanni Wedervoort
Giovanni Wedervoort Mese fa
Her hair is flawless.
Irene Barongo
Irene Barongo Mese fa
I LOVE THIS...😂😂😂😂😂
violette 666
violette 666 Mese fa
Lmaoooooo thanks for this laugh 😭
Malvana F
Malvana F Mese fa
The Karen’s have made their appearance now more than ever.
Reem Al-hadhood
Reem Al-hadhood Mese fa
The end the way she said Indian 😂😂😂
꧁Sanithu꧂ !
꧁Sanithu꧂ ! Mese fa
I love how each character has different coloured nails.
Teabag Anyone
Teabag Anyone Mese fa
So you basically go white face for this skit lol why not just be yourself you’re already the ultimate Karen
Kaitlin Rania
Kaitlin Rania Mese fa
Janvi is the name of my Indian friend... oKAY better not show her this.
Stephanie K
Stephanie K Mese fa
Hilarious and sadly realistic at the same time :)
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