True Stories About My Real Family (Indian Struggles)

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Lilly Singh

7 mesi fa

The Indian struggle is REAL out here. The tea is never hot enough and I'm too slow during prayers. Enjoy these absolutely TRUE stories about my REAL family. Dang, it's been a minute since I did a rant. FELT GOOD! Hope it made you laugh x.
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Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh 7 mesi fa
Thanks for watching!! After so long I shot and edited a rant myself so expect some JANKY af colour correction LOL! What was the part you related to the most? Comment below. Love you x
Lilly Singh how do you get your body so nice and soft
Farhana Nadira
Farhana Nadira Mese fa
I’m half Indian
sethi device
sethi device Mese fa
nothing changed in the weddings I get that tooo🤣🤣
Biotech Unit
Biotech Unit 2 mesi fa
My related moment was : elders singing in a Indian wedding
可爱的 2 mesi fa
Hey 👋
R P Giorno fa
Start calling yourself KHALISTANI or AFGHAN/TURK/PERSIAN. Do a DNA test, if you don't believe me.
aesthetic babes
aesthetic babes 2 giorni fa
Even though I'm not Indian I can relate When they pray in tongues I don't understand a thing!! 😂😂😩
kavi diss
kavi diss 3 giorni fa
Ughhhh i missed these
Little Sim Master
Little Sim Master 3 giorni fa
We went to India and went to Golden Temple and we got Holy water and it is still in my fridge chilling 😂
Kim Dias
Kim Dias 3 giorni fa
This video is GOLD I miss Lilly
Sath Sah
Sath Sah 4 giorni fa
hahahaahhahahah , Lilly you are killing me ,i can so relate i am inian descent living in Suriname
Sonali Bansal
Sonali Bansal 5 giorni fa
one Indian aunty literally touched fire and did not feel anything.
Sonali Bansal
Sonali Bansal 5 giorni fa
you are so accurate for the wedding part!!!!!! hahah I can relate so baddddd.
Ruchika Gahlot
Ruchika Gahlot 5 giorni fa
Aunties around me didn’t know how to sew
Elisabetta Banga
Elisabetta Banga 6 giorni fa
we love when she makes Indian videos LOVE IT
Marilyn King
Marilyn King 9 giorni fa
So true
yamna sheikh
yamna sheikh 10 giorni fa
i am pakistani but like i am the same struggles with my pakistani parents
Lashell Davis
Lashell Davis 12 giorni fa
I'm seeing only the color light color dark color of your skin that looks like you just got a tan
Ali Pushpita Mouri
Ali Pushpita Mouri 12 giorni fa
As a Bangladeshi, I can confirm that not only Indian parents are a little crazy sometimes... You should look at my grandmothers-
azra kazi
azra kazi 13 giorni fa
"Idk any brown mom that doesnt own a swwing mechine and a blue cookie tin with buttons." Sis mine? 😅
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson 13 giorni fa
You so beautiful baby.
Kanika Joshi
Kanika Joshi 15 giorni fa
mam please share experience in India what made u to be a American star and changes in India in your option
Vildane Red
Vildane Red 15 giorni fa
(Albanian parents) 😂 love it!! Hahah holy water, elderly singing, altering your clothes omg i cant 😂 lol.omg same!
dessysmart cupcake
dessysmart cupcake 16 giorni fa
Nigerian and Indian mums are exactly the same.
Vedant Patel
Vedant Patel 19 giorni fa
The blue cookie tin 😂 (dissapoint x100)
Vedant Patel
Vedant Patel 19 giorni fa
I've spent the last 9 years speaking hindi and sanskrit and marathi and I couldn't keep up at all 😂
Corey Kesler
Corey Kesler 20 giorni fa
Yooo Lilly is WILD!! Hilarious!! When she cracked about being stuck like anything between the carseat, I was DONE!
VisMayaM 20 giorni fa
Did anybody missed the superwoman logo
Saket Game
Saket Game 21 giorno fa
Honey our prayers are not in Hindi , not in Punjabi they are in Sanskrit and so none of us are so well repeating after the Guru 😆
maurmi 22 giorni fa
My daughter would make coffee and bring it for me and yes, it was always lukewarm... ( Indian mom here)
Clara Agu
Clara Agu 25 giorni fa're sooo funny..l love your video's very entertaining💕😅
malvika chandnani
malvika chandnani 26 giorni fa
I love Lilly's candidness! She's just so real and spontaneous!
Nandita ShyamSundar
Nandita ShyamSundar 27 giorni fa
Bindi glue reference squad...hit that like button!
Dhiya Rambujan
Dhiya Rambujan 27 giorni fa
omg the amount of times i had to yell "MAAA I'M STUCK AGAIN" has become a daily manthra whenever we have a function. The way this video is so accurate- it's just me nodded in agreement every second whilst eating breyani and pickle
Francisco Nz
Francisco Nz Mese fa
6:07 perfect!
chetna gaur
chetna gaur Mese fa
Sooo relatable 😄😄😄
Salena Ally
Salena Ally Mese fa
literally everything in this video was facts!
-Inaya A-
-Inaya A- Mese fa
Lilly was sooooo right when she said “I don’t know a single auntie who does own a sewing machine and have a blue cookie box full of buttons” heck, even my mom has everything she just said.
vibha bharti verma
vibha bharti verma Mese fa
The grandma's part was so good
Jaimison Nogic
Jaimison Nogic Mese fa
Samapti Mondal
Samapti Mondal Mese fa
b r o - *_RELATABLE AS F_*
Keyurkumar Adhvaryu
Keyurkumar Adhvaryu Mese fa
So cursing your parents and supporting bar dancer like Rehana is cool these days???!!!!
Alviya Mese fa
When lily was started saying watermelon I was waiting for her to say "sugar high'
terence tomori
terence tomori Mese fa
1st/2nd Generation Japanese-American “Aunties” (Obaasan) that can chant every verse and lyric to a 26 minute Sutra at temple...
blubrywlfii Mese fa
One day I took out ice water to mix juice and literally 1 minute later my mom come in and starts yelling at me saying that now the waters gonna be warm when someone else wants to drink it AND IM THE ONLY ONE WHO DRINKS IT BRUUHHHHHHH Also the singing thing is so true My mom owns a sewing machine a portable sewing machine a container of needles another of cotton and one more of buttons And also i always get stuck in my traditional clothes And my mom is OK with it not being hot enough my dad though will make me microwave his coffee 3 time and e says its cold bruh ifee, like throwing it on him nd being like ice bath right
Dildb Deka
Dildb Deka Mese fa
What about water being too cold . It has to be tepid water. Very cold water is not good for our body:)
Dildb Deka
Dildb Deka Mese fa
My mom’s tea is never hot enough.
Dildb Deka
Dildb Deka Mese fa
I can so relate . Doesn’t have to be of any particular religion. Just be Indian. Yes, you will understand. Ha ha. Love it.
Agnes Smith
Agnes Smith Mese fa
Ikr like my dad like picked up a freaking boiling piece of meat like legit from the pan and eats it like tf tf
Agnes Smith
Agnes Smith Mese fa
Yo my mum doesn't know how to sew but my dad those so he's the cookie tin holder
arshpreet kaur
arshpreet kaur Mese fa
the boliana😂😂
R Miranda
R Miranda Mese fa
But why is the cookie tin always blue?! They are, I just don't know why.
Jasmine Fremdehake
Jasmine Fremdehake Mese fa
The Steam can give you facial 😅.
Akanksha Sharma
Akanksha Sharma Mese fa
5:07 if your parents are like this too, do this : Dont just heat up the tea, heat up the cup too! Tried and tested on my mom and grandmother
shruti jain
shruti jain Mese fa
happens to me every time I go to the pandit HATE IT!!!!!
Fairy Lights
Fairy Lights Mese fa
3:13 she sang the same tune as one of her videos ( When you don’t know the name of a song). The “taxi” song
Art Lover
Art Lover Mese fa
As an Indian myself I can 100% relate to this video!😆😂
Fierce Cloud
Fierce Cloud Mese fa
I’m British but I was born and raised in a very mixed racial town (which was really good and taught me so much about racism and discrimination and how to fight for change against it) and around 99% of my friends where Asian and some where Pakistani some where Bangladeshi and some where Indian and the most nostalgic thing for me is that you could have had five meals and their mum will still be offended or upset if you don’t take their food, tip don’t eat for at least 3 days before going to your Pakistani friends house 😂
Archita Badhe
Archita Badhe Mese fa
Jaimison Nogic
Jaimison Nogic Mese fa
Ada Kazmi
Ada Kazmi Mese fa
Me giving my brother a glass of milk: Mom: It's so hot my hands are burning Me when I make my mom tea that is hotter than my brothers milk: Mom: It's so cold like it came from the freezer Me: 👁👄👁
Prisha Shyam Choudhury
Prisha Shyam Choudhury Mese fa
The bindi glue on a mirror hits different 🤣🤣
Farhana Rahman
Farhana Rahman Mese fa
Ms. Pevensie Potter
Ms. Pevensie Potter Mese fa
my mom legit askes for hot boiling water to drink but then says, "Nah! Its so cold u dumbhead don't know the meaning of hot?"
Jeth's Music Channel
Jeth's Music Channel Mese fa
Abyrah F
Abyrah F Mese fa
Man THE TEA !!! 😂😂🤦‍♂️
Mayur Borade
Mayur Borade Mese fa
I m from 🇮🇳India 🙃
Pragati Bhandari
Pragati Bhandari Mese fa
Can totally relate with heat receptor part😂😂😂😂
[rift] Zaviox
[rift] Zaviox Mese fa
this is so damn relatable / i was part of one of these poojas and i thought he dropped a dis track on me in hindi
Sarah Piracha
Sarah Piracha Mese fa
THE TOO HOT THING IS TOO RELATABLE my dad will eat anything and he will never think that his food is hot likeee were are your heat receptors on ur tongue
Дуджи Модульный
Дуджи Модульный Mese fa
Обожаю её
Jay Malhotra
Jay Malhotra Mese fa
Yaas lilly is back!
mufasa2005 Mese fa
This is hilarious! I totally relate to the holy water thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hidayah Mese fa
Me: Gives coffee that I've literally boiled a second time on hot stove for a longer time so it gets hot-hot. Him: Did you heat the coffee? It's cold- Me: The spicy chilis. All those spicy chilis have burned your tongue and taste or sensory buds. There is no other way! 🔥☕
Harshit Prajapati
Harshit Prajapati Mese fa
holy water= ganga jal
mona demi
mona demi Mese fa
That blue cookie tin...full of buttons..😂😂😄
Harleen Kaur
Harleen Kaur Mese fa
I feel so bad for the non-Indians who won't understand 😂😂
FriendForever... Mese fa
Hum Indian girls kam se kam tumhari trh nange nhi ghoomte....or hme 1 - ghnte m clothes remove krne ki jrurt bhi nhi hoti...😀😀😎😎 because precious things lock krke hi rkhte hain😎
Yashvi Gupta
Yashvi Gupta Mese fa
Awesome dude!!
laavanya ramakanth
laavanya ramakanth Mese fa
Blue cookie tin full of buttons😂😂😂. 100% accurate
Hybrid-R Racing
Hybrid-R Racing Mese fa
U pretty
Deepti Jain
Deepti Jain Mese fa
I wish I could like it many times 😘😘😘 luv u ❤❤❤
Ananya Shekhar
Ananya Shekhar Mese fa
Omg I couldn't relate enough! So indian this video is! 🤣🤣
Sangeeta Kumari
Sangeeta Kumari Mese fa
Rashmi Arya
Rashmi Arya Mese fa
Can she speak Hindi??
Usha Sankhla
Usha Sankhla Mese fa
We need a part 2🔥
minx Mese fa
I was shook when she said "One love Lilly" instead of Superwoman. Since when was her slogan altered?
Fida Fathima
Fida Fathima 15 giorni fa
Umm 2 ish years....
minx 19 giorni fa
@Vedant Patel Ohh. That's sad
Vedant Patel
Vedant Patel 19 giorni fa
Her contract with DC Comics ran out, she didn't renew
bee. mee.
bee. mee. Mese fa
That holy water thing is so true.
TD - 04BC 835991 Worthington PS
TD - 04BC 835991 Worthington PS Mese fa
Aastha Singh
Aastha Singh Mese fa
Lilly: you about to get more stuck than a bindi on mirror Me as a fellow indian: falls from the bed laughing
Parakh Sood
Parakh Sood Mese fa
No jago is going to be normal to me anymore 😂
Rohit Tiwari
Rohit Tiwari Mese fa
So relatable lol
sashimi Mese fa
another fact to add to the heat thing: washing the dishes THE WATER IS SO HOT HOW TF?!
sashimi Mese fa
when the prayer dude saying all this stuff in like hindi/sanskrit or whatever language, and all i can understand is "swaaaahaaaaa" the struggle is real
Avitanshi Srivastava
Avitanshi Srivastava Mese fa
Its torture when they ask you to repeat after them. You cant whisper or mumble your way out of them 😂
geet Mese fa
Thandi chai is real deal yo
Agnes Smith
Agnes Smith 2 mesi fa
Finally the old Lilly's back yay ☺️
Arati 2 mesi fa
"Watermelon. Watermelon. Watermelon"😂
Radhika Schwartz
Radhika Schwartz 2 mesi fa
I just looked at the likes and dislikes.. I guess Im not alone
mango tango
mango tango 2 mesi fa
the prayers? yes the holy water? yes
Teeksha 2 mesi fa
Okayy whoo said u are not a thing on yt anymore😡😡... u r the best ytber till datee😍😍😍... and plz never stop youtube lilly plzzzz❤❤❤❤
Sajjan Kohar
Sajjan Kohar 2 mesi fa
Actual comedy like... without skits just talking making me laugh and 😭 😂😂😂
Sajjan Kohar
Sajjan Kohar 2 mesi fa
Omg the cookie tin I Relate 🤣🤣🤣
tom 123
tom 123 2 mesi fa
One time cus i am muslim i had drank zamzam water witch is holy water in my religion and my family took the biggest fit of their lives.
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