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Lilly Singh

2 mesi fa

A Little Late with Lilly Singh returns on January 11 to NBC at 1:35AM
A swing and a bar? A shoe wall? ALL THE MAC AND CHEESE?! Welcome to my fun house. I’m so excited to shoot season two of A Little Late with Lilly Singh in this epic setting. Support the underdog and tune into the premiere this Monday! Let’s do this baby!
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Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh Mese fa
Season two premieres Monday night on January 11th! I'd love all the support I can get. #SupportTheUnderdog y'all. I LOVE YOU x
Indus Bee
Indus Bee 15 giorni fa
Wow bro 🤜,,, Wish I could get such wide pool and a swing and a bb head wants to be in those clouds.... You are the pride ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈of India 🇮🇳... Most importantly I wish I could have your livewire persona😍😚👨😍😚👨.. But I'm me... That's enough..
Reggie Kang
Reggie Kang 18 giorni fa
Julie M
Julie M 21 giorno fa
ill watch your show if you promise not to be an absolute bully with "your" "jokes" anymore.
shahab mohamed
shahab mohamed 27 giorni fa
I'm willing to sell you jokes for $1000 USD a pop. ...I ain't joking.
Cutieee pieee
Cutieee pieee Mese fa
Never expected Lilly Singh to spread fake propaganda against India.... is this because of any of the links with Canada.. Not sure.. anyways not interested in these kind of politicized youtube influencers. SO UNSUBSCRIBED AND HAVE ALSO ASKED THE PEOPLE WHOM I HAD REQUESTED EARLIER TO SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR CHANNEL TO UNSUBSCRIBE TOO.... Going away from this family with a heavy heart. 😔
Sajeda Begum
Sajeda Begum 9 ore fa
I need to start a youtube channel
Phillip Conner
Phillip Conner 21 ora fa
Hi Lilly
Alex Does Stuff
Alex Does Stuff 21 ora fa
i bet straight white men are banned from this house lmaoo
M YASIR BUTT Giorno fa
Try better design of your suit
Suvarna Nandan
Suvarna Nandan 2 giorni fa
George Bouloukos
George Bouloukos 3 giorni fa
And where is the self destruct button?
Brand0n Dark Ange1
Brand0n Dark Ange1 3 giorni fa
7:29 PM Eastern St I can tell being rich & wealthy gets boring after a while so most of them throw a pity party crying about how their life isn't fair and they can't mingle with the commoners because they have no street credibility. lol smh #simpletons
Dave Slattery
Dave Slattery 4 giorni fa
How did she get a second season with those ratings? Talk about privilege...
hippity hopp
hippity hopp 4 giorni fa
Wow 😟
Vic 4 giorni fa
I only have a sadness house
Mounzer Abdallah
Mounzer Abdallah 4 giorni fa
Somebody should close this fkin channel, she sucks so bad 🤒
Chaahat Gill
Chaahat Gill 5 giorni fa
JYOTIRMOY SAHA 5 giorni fa
she is rich just because of youtube
JimmyPlays22 5 giorni fa
haya nasrin
haya nasrin 6 giorni fa
is this even a house omg my whole house is literally the size of ur kitchen lmao
Bella Lalibert
Bella Lalibert 7 giorni fa
Gagandeep Kaur
Gagandeep Kaur 7 giorni fa
are you a Sikh?
Spencer _747
Spencer _747 7 giorni fa
Go away
Lightning 2020
Lightning 2020 7 giorni fa
get wisdom144
get wisdom144 7 giorni fa
zuzu kerte
zuzu kerte 8 giorni fa
In the description she writes That this is a setting for season 2
Aya Gamaya
Aya Gamaya 8 giorni fa
I love it🥰 WOW
Psych2Go 8 giorni fa
This is amazing! So therapeutic in many ways.
The Archer
The Archer Giorno fa
Nicole Yu Ni
Nicole Yu Ni 5 giorni fa
Abc 9 giorni fa
Who else if from diesel patches
C. C
C. C 9 giorni fa
She gives me Jojo Siwa vibes. You know the ones
sandythedoc 10 giorni fa
Is this a parody
Brandon Moonesawmy
Brandon Moonesawmy 10 giorni fa
Is Alexa Bliss and The Fiend in that house?
Sardonics 10 giorni fa
Damn That nbc money
IcelVevo B
IcelVevo B 10 giorni fa
IcelVevo B
IcelVevo B 10 giorni fa
So how do you get 1M streams?my ITpost channel isn't growing
How old she is?
Salma Bhandari
Salma Bhandari 11 giorni fa
Lilly should start learning cooking like Selena. You’ve a year worth of content right there. And plus I think everyone should learn to cook. It’s much more than just getting to eat.
Erda Salihi
Erda Salihi 12 giorni fa
Omg i love it 🙃
JAYESS 13 giorni fa
If, double standard was a person, this female would be it. Yall awkward little girls/simps, are making her rich and famous. Gotta give it to her I guess. She got ya'll😂😂
Vic 4 giorni fa
i see you crying
hyperfuzzysniper 13 giorni fa
Your like sakura
Naren Singh
Naren Singh 13 giorni fa
0:55 yess Punjabi
lindak 13 giorni fa
this is the section where i order food and serve it to people as if i made it is me in a whole nutshell !! expect i don't even serve it to people thanks to covid lamfo !
Andrew Patterson
Andrew Patterson 14 giorni fa
The Left: We fight for the POOR! Also the Left: Look at my mansion!
Raja R
Raja R 14 giorni fa
Is the neckpiece you wearing called a herring bone chain. Can u tell me what brand it is ?
Random Guy Reviews
Random Guy Reviews 14 giorni fa
Your lame
JDubs1208 14 giorni fa
bruh i’m watching this and she’s just not funny at all....
Kiel Dominic
Kiel Dominic 13 giorni fa
Yea her talk show was not funny and felt so awkward
Boltz TechTalk
Boltz TechTalk 15 giorni fa
I must say it's a really nice house and obviously worth the heavy price tag😲
A K 15 giorni fa
Itana vadda ghar
Geeta Panigrahi
Geeta Panigrahi 15 giorni fa
Is she Indian 🤔
Rhyle Shannon
Rhyle Shannon 15 giorni fa
panda bear
panda bear 15 giorni fa
I find Lilly to be so inspiring, she is just such a breath of fresh air, this is offtopic but I love her advise videos the most, it really makes me believe in myself (I know most of her videos are skits which I still love as much) but her vlogs, just everything motivates me in a sometimes dark time
destiny Cruz
destiny Cruz 16 giorni fa
Pegasus please
Afc85 16 giorni fa
Looks bland
Robert Witt
Robert Witt 16 giorni fa
She ain't funny.
I Have 10 Subscribers
I Have 10 Subscribers 17 giorni fa
Pegasus please please please save us from this pathetic excuse for a comedian and if you are not Pegasus find a tree for me to give go Lilly to make up for the oxygen she wastes every day
destiny Cruz
destiny Cruz 16 giorni fa
Lmao im here from Pegasus but yeah agreed...
Ruhal Ahmed
Ruhal Ahmed 17 giorni fa
R u a millionaire?
enormous media
enormous media 18 giorni fa
Little Miss dynamite
Little Miss dynamite 18 giorni fa
GIRLLLLLLLL .....IS THAT TREE AT 2:55 ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS TREES !???? (from below vid) !!????Plz b safe, btw love ur house💯
Tiffany Alberti
Tiffany Alberti 19 giorni fa
Hope you are having a good day. As soon as I get a job and get my own place I was thinking about getting a patreon account and getting my own reaction channel. If I do this and I am successful or at least decent is it possible for me to make a living as a reactor? Is being a reactor really that lucrative or do you just do this for fun?
Mel C
Mel C 19 giorni fa
I like it!!!! Simple and nice
volleybrawl 20 giorni fa
Why do I even watch her content? I watched this straight-faced not smiling once, she doesn't deserve this nice house
Mahika Shakya
Mahika Shakya 20 giorni fa
Th-thats a house?
Lee 20 giorni fa
Damn, barely 1million views with 15million subs?
Shalini Bali
Shalini Bali 22 giorni fa
the real punjabi
Barnali Adhikary
Barnali Adhikary 22 giorni fa ..
Some Human
Some Human 22 giorni fa
I love how she gave her house an Indian vibe! ♥️
Charles Nestor
Charles Nestor 22 giorni fa
She should give her house away to a poor white guy. She don't deserve it, she's not even funny or cute.
Abdul Mannan89
Abdul Mannan89 22 giorni fa
Lilly is from India not America
Reina Storm
Reina Storm 22 giorni fa
She seems like one of those privileged kids who truly can’t take any criticism. all this came off as just annoying 💀 like girl good for you. Now make your show actually entertaining.
Rachel 23 giorni fa
Why is that guy sitting in that room by himself wearing a mask? Guys that wear masks are PUSSIES
Ginger Katherina
Ginger Katherina 23 giorni fa
Sure someone lives there? Looks like a prop or example house
Cornflower 92
Cornflower 92 23 giorni fa
hahahah i agree!
Goldfruit Co
Goldfruit Co 23 giorni fa
The Finley Show
The Finley Show 23 giorni fa
my dream house
Pushkar Khair
Pushkar Khair 23 giorni fa
When your bf always makes angry what do you do
Lieutenant NITEWOLF
Lieutenant NITEWOLF 23 giorni fa
I just subscribed. Love the house
Mohanan Chettiar
Mohanan Chettiar 23 giorni fa
Chak de!! 🔥♥️
Luka Peace
Luka Peace 23 giorni fa
That house has more colors that my personality. That is like the coolest looking hosue
Samhitha Vadlamudi
Samhitha Vadlamudi 24 giorni fa
I wish I could go there and see Lilly because she is beautiful and amazing, but I can't. Congrats, Lilly.
swarnali mukherjee
swarnali mukherjee 24 giorni fa
Chak de !!!!!!!!
Maci Radonski
Maci Radonski 24 giorni fa
where is what’s up it’s superwoman? 😭
Seamina Khan
Seamina Khan 24 giorni fa
I can’t believe she is 31 and she looks so young
Readjusts Crown
Readjusts Crown 24 giorni fa
“It’s not a drinking problem when you have a bar in your house, it’s just called home decor...” 🤣😂 I stan
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie 24 giorni fa
Tarun Kumar
Tarun Kumar 24 giorni fa
U supporting anti Indian and terror people , anyone love India unsubscribe her .
Jeanette A. Avila
Jeanette A. Avila 24 giorni fa
We are hilarious chick😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
unknown people
unknown people 25 giorni fa
Did you play in the movie bad moms ?????
JimJam's Music and Gaming
JimJam's Music and Gaming 25 giorni fa
When your woke show gets canned but you still managed to be priveleged and rich
AISHWARYA SINGH 25 giorni fa
Is it your real house 🏠
shahab mohamed
shahab mohamed 27 giorni fa
I'm willing to sell you jokes for $1000 USD a pop. ...I ain't joking. I think this will help you tap into the American market.
JAYESH MITRA 27 giorni fa
Chak de
Vanshika Singh
Vanshika Singh 27 giorni fa
Reply and tell from how much time you have been watching Lillian's videos 😘🤩
Brian Frutiger
Brian Frutiger 28 giorni fa
Me loving the outdoor place and wanting one. Remembering that I live in Minnesota and it's -5 degrees here
Swati Sharma
Swati Sharma 28 giorni fa
Your house is so lovely 🤩 and beautiful 😘
sri daran
sri daran 28 giorni fa
From a poster filled room to a gawd damn bawse house
Jasmine Koirala
Jasmine Koirala 28 giorni fa
Anybody nepali ?? ''Chaak de''
Shezxtarr 28 giorni fa
Super house girl
Shaggy 28 giorni fa
Yep, the white man definitely oppressed ya I say.
Here's Your KittyKat Maham !!!
Here's Your KittyKat Maham !!! 28 giorni fa
In the thumbnail she looked like Madhuri Dixit
I K 29 giorni fa
Is this her real house or NBC set for her show?
STAR LIFE 29 giorni fa
coverfire army
coverfire army 29 giorni fa
Vishal Parmar
Vishal Parmar 29 giorni fa
You are so crazy 😅😂😂 seriously
1974CDN Mese fa
I love you still represent Scrabro, and Ontario talent. Love your real life videos. Im late to your work, but damn girl, youre killin it. So happy GTA can kick out great talent. When you play your parents.... So true even with West Indians LOL!,
Cobe Bass
Cobe Bass Mese fa
15 million subs and less than a million views in a month. Something just doesn’t add up. I guess your 14.8 million bought subs don’t log in very often, do they?
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