My Life On The Internet (Magic School Bus Parody)

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Lilly Singh

7 mesi fa

Wanna know what the last 10 years of my life have been like? Well... here it is! It's a wild ride being on the internet.
Watch Arthur Theme Song (2020 Version)!

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Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo
Chargers, everyone!
Please let this be a normal Wednesday.
On the Internet?
No way!
Scrolling on down Twitter
You're relaxed or so it seems (Yeah!)
Next thing that you know, you’ve been
turned into a viral meme!
Surfing on the wide web
Where opinions are facts
Take a left to act real woke
Take a right to watch some cats.
On the World Wide Web Yeahhh
Where you’ll probably get cancelled!
Surf on the World Wide Web yeah
Slide in the DMs, too!
Take that!
On the World Wide Web
Tik Tok until your famous
On the World Wide Web
It’s a black hole.
Hashtag Whoa!
So strap your eyes right to the screen
Sell your merch when you live stream
Swipe up!
Just to make your day complete
You might get your old nudes leaked
On the World Wide Web yeah
Log on, it's a wilder ride!
Come on!
Surf on the World Wide Web

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh 7 mesi fa
Thanks so much for watching everyone! Man I love this video so so much! Magic School Bus was and is ICONIC!! If you liked the video, please hit that thumbs up!
Shravni Misra
Shravni Misra 4 mesi fa
Please see my email
Aiden Campbell
Aiden Campbell 4 mesi fa
Lilly Singh you have to ruin everything don’t you
Prongs 6 mesi fa
Lilly... If this level of (too real) self awareness has always been there and you're finally being more open with us about how you feel n what you have to deal with that's awesome, Team Lilly loves the opportunity to be there for you in deeper ways than before. We're listening n we understand n I'm sending good vibes hoping it will help. We gotchu, ya amazing unicorn! But um... Maybe it's just me growing up n noticing things that were already there or maybe you're talking about it(actually just hinting at it under layers of excellent comedy as a way of venting it probably) more now because it's gotten a lot worse/more overwhelming(I hope not!); but like... I've been thinking n worrying about whether you're okay. You okay, fam? Is quarantine making you confront all the "damage" as you call it in this video more n it's taking it's toll on you or is this some grown up form of acceptance of it I can't relate to yet because I haven't grown into it? Like love that your work is getting more n more reap but worried about you. You take care. The world needs you to be healthy. Let Team Lilly know if there's anything we could do, any form of validation that would help with that.
Greg Z Fainberg
Greg Z Fainberg 6 mesi fa
You are so awesome...keep doing what you're doing👍😄🙌👌😎
Fan Melinda
Fan Melinda 6 mesi fa
I like it!!!
Jurre persijn
Jurre persijn 5 giorni fa
Lilly singh is very unfunny but this was pretty orginal (not funny tho)
Doge Da dogo
Doge Da dogo 26 giorni fa
this looks like graphics from from 2000
Asmaa jay
Asmaa jay Mese fa
i looooooove this show thanks so much lily
uknowno Mese fa
Adriane Williams
Adriane Williams 2 mesi fa
I love the magic school bus that show was so fun to learn
Claire Hui
Claire Hui 3 mesi fa
Sofia Sideeka
Sofia Sideeka 3 mesi fa
i like old you and new you. you will always be someone i look up to.
sarah 3 mesi fa
the last comment is 3 weeks old I-
vulcan2050ful 4 mesi fa
Kade Hustad
Kade Hustad 4 mesi fa
Your singing is miraculous I mean it is just amazing I have never heard such funny lyrics. Now that I have you here I would like to tell you about the sponsor of this positive comment is nord VPN baby
I don’t care what others say... I liked it
oh no...........magic school bus
Lahari Yallapragada
Lahari Yallapragada 5 mesi fa
can you do spongebob squarepants
Anh Thư Tôn Nữ
Anh Thư Tôn Nữ 5 mesi fa
I just can’t hate her
Pintu Sarode
Pintu Sarode 5 mesi fa
Please prayer for India and all word please prayer 🙏 god bless you Mohan India
Sylvester Divine
Sylvester Divine 5 mesi fa
why TF is her views dropping, is she getting attacked by ITpost Lilly Singh's army assemble that felt wrong, don't the fans here have a name?
Reena Sajith
Reena Sajith 4 mesi fa
Her fans doooo ,its #Teamsuper
shan shan the one one
shan shan the one one 6 mesi fa
why is her humour stuck in 2014
Broadwayboden 6 mesi fa
Hi 🐶
Christina Leone
Christina Leone 6 mesi fa
Can I live your life for just one day? 🥰
shark puppets cousin
shark puppets cousin 6 mesi fa
you’re family doesn’t love you
crused boi
crused boi 6 mesi fa
ahhh noo
Chance Pavlock
Chance Pavlock 6 mesi fa
Yo mama
Julia Wolf
Julia Wolf 6 mesi fa
I remember this tune so well! My childhood 💕✨
BNPA808 6 mesi fa
Dang you really trying to funny to an audience who doesn’t care
Pinngale Bobguette Baguette
Pinngale Bobguette Baguette 6 mesi fa
That’s the most creative thing I’ve heard. People: Coming up with this masterpiece Me: how do you spell cat again?
Virginia Nyandoko
Virginia Nyandoko 6 mesi fa
Omg I still love this show
Dads Are Overrated
Dads Are Overrated 6 mesi fa
There is a reason your show was cancelled take the hint
La'sha 6 mesi fa
Omg I love this !😲😂😃
Aldin Estika
Aldin Estika 6 mesi fa
Briliant, lily.
James Robert
James Robert 6 mesi fa
Wow, people actually enjoy this? Just not my type of comedy that’s all
Munia 6 mesi fa
I was surprised when I read comments I was like this is good content? They really are blind fan
BURJ AL NOOR 6 mesi fa
René Cortez
René Cortez 6 mesi fa
Mágica school bus
Oh Canadian
Oh Canadian 6 mesi fa
She is already cancelled
Lisa and Leah
Lisa and Leah 6 mesi fa
Love her video
Heaven sapphire Jenkins
Heaven sapphire Jenkins 6 mesi fa
Omg I'm rolling
Harpinder Singh
Harpinder Singh 6 mesi fa
Your life has a great turn after B town song main on internet ,don't do any mistake for which you have to apologize
laurenbear 6 mesi fa
Soviet Loyalist
Soviet Loyalist 6 mesi fa
hahahahahehehehehe aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Kritika Rajesh
Kritika Rajesh 6 mesi fa
Kritika Rajesh
Kritika Rajesh 6 mesi fa
Kritika Rajesh
Kritika Rajesh 6 mesi fa
Stranger Resuello
Stranger Resuello 6 mesi fa
Abby H 2025
Abby H 2025 6 mesi fa
This is horrible
Abby H 2025
Abby H 2025 6 mesi fa
@Sena wayessa yeah ikr
N S 6 mesi fa
God she gets more annoyed with every post no wonder her channel is dying
Master Thot Slayer
Master Thot Slayer 6 mesi fa
So Glad, you faded into obscurity! Your like a less Funny (but Prettier) Hasan Minaj
Vidushi Jain
Vidushi Jain 6 mesi fa
Zxhoraa 6 mesi fa
Lily should do if my parents created WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion
A To Z With Harman
A To Z With Harman 6 mesi fa
Very nice, 😍😍😍😍
RedJesus99 OOO
RedJesus99 OOO 6 mesi fa
There is nothing about this whole scenario that doesn’t make me so disgusted that I wanna violently vomit my own internal organs. I despise you so much I can’t tell if my eyes are blurry from the tears you gave me or my white hot rage.
RedJesus99 OOO
RedJesus99 OOO 6 mesi fa
Sena wayessa oh thx XD
RedJesus99 OOO
RedJesus99 OOO 6 mesi fa
Sena wayessa good silence
Dhamini S
Dhamini S 6 mesi fa
Please make a video about were ur fake parents make meeting with real ones
mega man
mega man 6 mesi fa
If i ever see you im honestly going to knock you out 🙏
Kristie Ray
Kristie Ray 6 mesi fa
pineapple T
pineapple T 6 mesi fa
Ur parents need to react to WAP😭😭
death crusher600
death crusher600 6 mesi fa
Steven universe
Andrew Ramirez
Andrew Ramirez 7 mesi fa
Funny becuase I can’t even find a reason why anyone would care
your local drug dealer
your local drug dealer 7 mesi fa
Can you actually be funny for once
zaynah shah
zaynah shah 7 mesi fa
Lily please do a my parents react to WAP by cardi b and Megan thee stallion
Mona Moonsammy
Mona Moonsammy 7 mesi fa
I love your video
Crimson Lightning Music
Crimson Lightning Music 7 mesi fa
I came for the comments not the video. So I’m gonna pause the video and read the comments
StinkyTheFoots 7 mesi fa
She kinda snapped though
DOOMGUY 7 mesi fa
You're not funny
Banks 2k
Banks 2k 7 mesi fa
I would rather watch the ace family than watch you!!
byram 7 mesi fa
Is this superwoman
Eduardo Chacon
Eduardo Chacon 7 mesi fa
Who eats skittles now a days?
River Moonray
River Moonray 7 mesi fa
Started watching the series after this song. They don't make shows like that anymore
Eduardo Chacon
Eduardo Chacon 7 mesi fa
Grade dove soap and use it to wash your clothes. Then drink your self a mint tea with baby leafs and infused saffron.
Aditi agrawal
Aditi agrawal 7 mesi fa
Lilly is replying to comments indicates that she is bored too in quarantine ( I know my english is bad)
Sameer Ahmad
Sameer Ahmad 6 mesi fa
Same bro 🤣🤣
Adrian john
Adrian john 7 mesi fa
User 2000
User 2000 7 mesi fa
Kenrick Currie
Kenrick Currie 7 mesi fa
I love this S*!#, keep em coming!
Zoha Ibtessam
Zoha Ibtessam 7 mesi fa
Kinjee bty
Kinjee bty 7 mesi fa
I love Lilly's shirt❣️
yasmeen arshad
yasmeen arshad 7 mesi fa
do yo gabagaba
Walter Clements
Walter Clements 7 mesi fa
I think I’m gonna go hang myself from a ceiling fan.
Uncle Baji
Uncle Baji 7 mesi fa
Haha comedy
JN Techie
JN Techie 7 mesi fa
ITpost 🔒 lilly’s Sub count to14.9 permanently. 😕
Asia 180TV
Asia 180TV 7 mesi fa
I forgot everything about superbook
Shweta Talwadekar
Shweta Talwadekar 7 mesi fa
Lilly please do a parents react to WAP by Cardi B
Dr.Chandan Gumra
Dr.Chandan Gumra 7 mesi fa
Nibrownian Girl India
Nibrownian Girl India 7 mesi fa
JG - 07DJ 755667 Fallingbrook MS
JG - 07DJ 755667 Fallingbrook MS 7 mesi fa
I don’t know if this makes me like the internet more or less?... Lol 😂
Adele Moravcov
Adele Moravcov 7 mesi fa
Pretty Little Liars intro next lol
Delicious and Dairy Free
Delicious and Dairy Free 7 mesi fa
Do a Elmo song parody
yasmeen arshad
yasmeen arshad 7 mesi fa
hi yus
Manny Heffley
Manny Heffley 7 mesi fa
I thought this was an intro then the video ended
Lilian D'silva
Lilian D'silva 7 mesi fa
Please do another my parents react to Cardi B's WAP song video
i dont know wat im doing
i dont know wat im doing 7 mesi fa
This video is AIDS
pyra and mythra
pyra and mythra 7 mesi fa
This is not funny i think it’s boring
sandwich de nata
sandwich de nata 7 mesi fa
Thanks for uploading! Really cool, creative and catchy. Thank you
A L 7 mesi fa
Plzzzzz make youre parents react to new cardi b song
X_despresso • peaches_X
X_despresso • peaches_X 7 mesi fa
Lol Hi Lilly!!! Can you do Types of people in a group chat
Nithish.R 7 mesi fa
Please illy react to cardib's new song wap ft.meghantheestallion as your parents ❣️❣️❣️
Pusshen cat
Pusshen cat 7 mesi fa
*Zoom in 2018*WE HAVE NO USE *Zoom in 2020*:ahh we have some use..
Upma Mishra
Upma Mishra 7 mesi fa
glitter cloud
glitter cloud 7 mesi fa
After watching the video repeatedly so many times, I just noticed that this is in memory of the song's author. 00:00 😢
Adrian Denis
Adrian Denis 7 mesi fa
Who still watches this channel? Is it relevant?
Videos Corona
Videos Corona 7 mesi fa
hey I'm covid 19 and i declare all of you infected 😈👿😈👿😈
Aj2k 7 mesi fa
Lily sucks
Eduardo Chacon
Eduardo Chacon 7 mesi fa
Lilly, Aurajo?
Eduardo Chacon
Eduardo Chacon 7 mesi fa
Where is justice.?
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