Eminem Raps About M&Ms (One Take Music Video)

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Lilly Singh

10 mesi fa

I always wondered what it would sound like if Eminem rapped about M&Ms. So I did it. And in ONE TAKE! I had so much fun making this. What else should I make a song about? Wiz Khalifa rapping about Cheese Whiz?! Haha wow. Quarantine. PS - no candy was hurt in the making of this video.
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Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo
I ain’t 50 cent but I take you to the candy shop
Don’t want gummies in my tummy or no effing lollipops
Cause Eminem give you M&Ms so ur teeth start to rot
I give you cavities through my lyrics right through your AirPods
So, tell me what you want? Dark or milk chocolate
Pretzels, peanuts in my pocket, so just chill cause I got it
Taste so poppin, leave you shocked, like you put your tongue in a socket
You see these legs? These cartoon bods be rocking!
Even when you turn me upside down, I get that W, man I win
magician with the sound, imma magic mike it, just like channing did
These kids want me, so when they trick or treat, you bess drop me in the bag
Cause the rest not me, ain't half as sweet, I'm it and I ain't playing tag and…
Snickers in the dollar store, you still too overpriced
Maybe kids would holler more, if the word NOUGAT sounded nice
You aint right, you a clown, prove it so you know its true
It's right there in your name, everyone laughs at you
Twizzlers, don’t get is twisted
You bitter, citric acid is one ingredient listed
Listen, If I wanted plastic tubes, I’d eat straws for fun
I mean for breakfast or for lunch,
You might be kiss Kross but you ain’t making anybody jump
I get so sick of Twix after two and half bites
Even Zac and Cody, didn’t want you in their suite life
Left and right, in a fight, you both dumb, it takes two
You’re a twin pack, Im a bite size, still got more bars than you
Cause I melt in your mouth not in your hand
I’m an explosion of taste, like god damn
the candy man, I’m the perfect snack
At least thats what your girl said
When she had one pack
Am I getting cocky?
My mouth taste chalky
Musta had a Kit Kat
I prefer doggies
The most whack cat, including the movie
Where T-Swift is a cat with boobies
His palms are sticky, mouth full, bites are tasty
There’s chocolate on his face already, his heart is racing
He’s calm but inside his veins, yeah that sugar is raging
He starts pacing, theres candy all over the place and….
I’m so so bad for your teeth but so so good with the taste
Better give me half of what that fairy leaves right under your case
Dentists hate me, thats okay cause I hate them too
Had a loose tooth as a kid, he drilled it a bit, and thats the first time that I got screwed
I'm candy, Im chocolate, I'm both
They chewy, they fruity, they gross
And If you don’t like me shoulda got something else instead
Like machine gun Kelly if you wanted an airhead
You can put me in a blizzard, a flurry, my whole is life a storm, that’s normal
A rap god, I'm part of your Sundae, but no church cause thats too formal
I come in the itty bitty minis or the big king size,
At the theatre falling through your thighs,
Like surprise! the perfect gift on Christmas
With the red, green, red, green on your wishlist.

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh 10 mesi fa
Thank you so much for watching this absolutely ridiculous and crazy video that was a brain baby of mine. I'm so proud of my editor who KILLED it. Also, pretty hype that I managed to do it in one take. WORK WAS PUT IN Y'ALL! If you enjoyed it, please share. Love you x
Fun Zone Full on Masti
Fun Zone Full on Masti 15 giorni fa
You are crazy and amazing.
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart 5 mesi fa
@Fathima Nazmeen Anodiyil lol
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart 5 mesi fa
@Yasmin Subi oki
xAkira X ಠ_ಠ
xAkira X ಠ_ಠ 8 mesi fa
@Andy Lupin-Black Blasphemy
Aiden Harjo
Aiden Harjo 8 mesi fa
@Lilly Singh you’re not funny shut up.
sofia khan
sofia khan 11 giorni fa
To be honest, That was like so good, she should make an album of all of her parodies and sell them bc i would buy 2
Fun Zone Full on Masti
Fun Zone Full on Masti 15 giorni fa
You are crazy and amazing.
despite what you’ve heard
despite what you’ve heard 16 giorni fa
This is objectively bad.
Bald Chicken
Bald Chicken 20 giorni fa
I want download This
ヴァンシ 23 giorni fa
Isn't it too late for this joke? We all know that eminem sounds like m&ms. It's a bit 10 years late lilly.
Sonya Islam
Sonya Islam 27 giorni fa
Yeeting Goddess
Yeeting Goddess Mese fa
This is AIDS
Moore Damon
Moore Damon 2 mesi fa
this is lowkey very cringy
Jason's Highlights
Jason's Highlights 2 mesi fa
Disrespect on his name.
Abigail KitHi G
Abigail KitHi G 2 mesi fa
I can't believe 4.5 unliked it!!! Like seriously wtf!
Black Kitten
Black Kitten 2 mesi fa
Teyloune Dragonvale
Teyloune Dragonvale 2 mesi fa
That's pretty awesome!
Just me my soul
Just me my soul 3 mesi fa
I wish eminem see this video❤
C-mac in the 6ix
C-mac in the 6ix 3 mesi fa
This women is the funniest women on the planet and a comedic genius. I just started watching her this week and can't stop. I've probably had 10 times where I've laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face and couldn't breath...lol.
Denise Y
Denise Y 3 mesi fa
I didn’t find this video very funny, but entertaining. I don’t know if all of Lilly’s videos have to be funny. I love all of her videos, funny or not.
Cindy henry
Cindy henry 3 mesi fa
Yoh that was lit
Rohan Goswami
Rohan Goswami 3 mesi fa
Em don't rap like that😂😂 Btw that's cool😂😂
ThatDudeJ 4 mesi fa
"You might be kriss krossed but you aint making anybody jump" 🎤🎤🎤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Alexa Cojrifns
Alexa Cojrifns 4 mesi fa
I love this
Jady Boo
Jady Boo 4 mesi fa
This is actually soooo good Love from Canada
megha ali
megha ali 4 mesi fa
Apart the m&m but look at lilly talent💖👀
Cotton mouth
Cotton mouth 4 mesi fa
sis underground youtubers get more views than this and you have 15M🥱😴😴🤕🤡💀#LILYSINGHDELTEYOURCHANNEL
Yashwitha Shetty
Yashwitha Shetty 4 mesi fa
Wow. She can be a legit rapper if she comes up with some good lyrics. This MV was entertaining though. Great job, Lilly!
Kevin Muller
Kevin Muller 3 mesi fa
Frost 5 mesi fa
wow hahahahahaha very funny joke. im literally dying in real life bc of how funny this is. this is so funny. more great content from lily singh wow, amazing. delete your youtube channel.
lax 5 mesi fa
Is she indian?
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart 5 mesi fa
Haan ji :]
Smera Arkalgud
Smera Arkalgud 5 mesi fa
Did anyone else recognize the Bajirao Mastani song: Malhari? Or was it just me cracking up during that part?
nvry 5 mesi fa
how does the intrumental called? inspired from?
Lovelle Ring
Lovelle Ring 5 mesi fa
im surprised she wrote the most kindergarten song ever
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart 5 mesi fa
Im suprised you took time out of your day to be negative
Sarah Ng
Sarah Ng 5 mesi fa
O My. Bombz
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer 6 mesi fa
Finally Lilly is funny again! Altho I won't hold my breath and expect too much more
* c l o u d y s k y *
* c l o u d y s k y * 6 mesi fa
This should be a new Eminem song
War Of hearts
War Of hearts 6 mesi fa
The editing 👏🏻 the rap flow 👏🏻 the beat 👏🏻👏🏻
i- 6 mesi fa
Snickers and Twizzlers be like: 😢
Shreya Sheen
Shreya Sheen 6 mesi fa
Lilly fam, can someone help know how you get the background beat only ? My sister wants to present this 😊
Publish X
Publish X 6 mesi fa
It’s called an “instrumental” and she prolly doesn’t have it so you have to use an empty spot of the best with no singing and loop it.... like the start of 2:10 has a spot that can be looped. The beginning also has some of the instrumental that can be looped but it has no drums. Combine the two for a full beat with drops.
Irene sheen
Irene sheen 6 mesi fa
Just wanted to know whether what back ground music did she play? I need it for my rap song
Suhana 6 mesi fa
why are y'all in the comments section so... mean. if you don't like her videos then just don't watch it there's no need to leave hate comments
Make a video please: my parents react to Eminem video. Would like to see how paramjeet and manjeet react 😁
Bald Chicken
Bald Chicken 7 mesi fa
I’m surprised this didn’t make it onto Spotify
Dylan Gomez
Dylan Gomez 7 mesi fa
Not even a good impersonation
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart 5 mesi fa
Ok so
Bulgarian Disease
Bulgarian Disease 7 mesi fa
Why was there some bars in this 😂 I came from a video ragging on lily and then the upside down M bar like messed my whole mental up 😂
Aliyah 7 mesi fa
Amazing! Just. Amazing!
Stephanie C. W.
Stephanie C. W. 7 mesi fa
Over 3 billion channel views
haha no
haha no 7 mesi fa
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese 7 mesi fa
Bruh who made this horrible beat
Lashell Davis
Lashell Davis 7 mesi fa
Zamira B
Zamira B 7 mesi fa
OMG How can someone be this good
Tavia Thompson
Tavia Thompson 7 mesi fa
The outfit is on point, brilliant imitation. Eminem😍😍😍😍 😭😭
C P 7 mesi fa
Not funny, do not laugh
Zahara Dilofar
Zahara Dilofar 7 mesi fa
Maxwell Liu
Maxwell Liu 7 mesi fa
*googles "can watching a video give me cancer??"
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart 5 mesi fa
@MB - 07FV 754141 Fallingbrook MS lmao
MB - 07FV 754141 Fallingbrook MS
MB - 07FV 754141 Fallingbrook MS 7 mesi fa
Maxwell Liu no but your reflection can :)
emmzzystar 7 mesi fa
Do a tunak tunak tun reference
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart
Tell Srk To Stop Stealing My Heart 5 mesi fa
Haha yes
Mvez 7 mesi fa
this better be a series lilly
Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh 7 mesi fa
Who is your editer
TeamSuperGrande_ 09
TeamSuperGrande_ 09 7 mesi fa
She used to do it for about 8 years herself but around two years ago she got an editor his name is Taylor.
This actually fire
TeamSuperGrande_ 09
TeamSuperGrande_ 09 7 mesi fa
AND it was ONE take.
TeamSuperGrande_ 09
TeamSuperGrande_ 09 7 mesi fa
IKR this is dope she put so much work into it and it’s hard to rap that fast.
Malfika 7 mesi fa
Yass gurl gooo
aewcaleb forever
aewcaleb forever 7 mesi fa
No please dont ruin eminem ur not funny at all
Daniel 7 mesi fa
Am I the only one trying to learn this?
TeamSuperGrande_ 09
TeamSuperGrande_ 09 7 mesi fa
Daniel 7 mesi fa
@TeamSuperGrande_ 09 lol😓😂
TeamSuperGrande_ 09
TeamSuperGrande_ 09 7 mesi fa
No you ain’t she is hella talented and I just can’t -__-
Lucy Starr
Lucy Starr 7 mesi fa
Luv shut it
Yeahnah 7 mesi fa
Was this necessary 🤣😂
Rvnged 8 mesi fa
She popped offfff 🔥🔥
TeamSuperGrande_ 09
TeamSuperGrande_ 09 7 mesi fa
PROsthetic Pineapple
PROsthetic Pineapple 8 mesi fa
The way you know this was about m&ms is there were no bars
Cotton mouth
Cotton mouth 4 mesi fa
xAkira X ಠ_ಠ
xAkira X ಠ_ಠ 8 mesi fa
Eminem would be deeply ashamed
PROsthetic Pineapple
PROsthetic Pineapple 8 mesi fa
Rose River
Rose River 8 mesi fa
Me: (Sees this video) M'n'M's sound really good right now. James: Here you go. (gives M'n'M's) Me: Thank you. (Eats some M'nM's) James: Ummm... can I have some? #theoddsoneout #mnmsareacandybar 😂😂😂
Variks Kell of judgment
Variks Kell of judgment 8 mesi fa
I’m surprise you played a straight white male
Henri Lily
Henri Lily 8 mesi fa
lol I was wearing AirPods while listening to this
Ariella Alexander
Ariella Alexander 8 mesi fa
And same
AMBER’BE’LIT! 8 mesi fa
I wish she was on Apple Music🥺❤️
TeamSuperGrande_ 09
TeamSuperGrande_ 09 7 mesi fa
#LEH #DROPSPLASHBANANA #ivivi and #cleanupanthem is on it.
PROsthetic Pineapple
PROsthetic Pineapple 8 mesi fa
Ohhhh kill me
Maria Paz Chamorro
Maria Paz Chamorro 8 mesi fa
“Even Zack and Cody didn’t want you in their sweet life” jajajaja I lost it
Parzan 8 mesi fa
Wow what happened views are extremely loww
TeamSuperGrande_ 09
TeamSuperGrande_ 09 7 mesi fa
ITpost’s algorithm 🤦‍♀️
Youngbrother Austin434
Youngbrother Austin434 8 mesi fa
That was really good Lilly, keep it up!!
Yeeting Goddess
Yeeting Goddess Mese fa
No it was not lol
TeamSuperGrande_ 09
TeamSuperGrande_ 09 7 mesi fa
Ikr she fiyah🔥🔥🔥
John Doe
John Doe 8 mesi fa
Bruh, but you dont sound like eminem.
josh raid
josh raid 7 mesi fa
Yeah, the whole point is to copy Eminem but this doesn't remotely sound like something Eminem would write. Especially since most of his music is written playing either himself or slim shady, and this isn't in character for either of them.
Xx_M - R - E _xX
Xx_M - R - E _xX 8 mesi fa
Ok, ok, ok... so, I have an idea: Lilly Singh v.s Kyle Exum rap battle???
Patrouious Achatz
Patrouious Achatz 8 mesi fa
I someone sent this to Eminem? Could you image his reaction?
AMAZING 8 mesi fa
Lilly:I give you cavities through my lyrics right through you airpods. Me: Ha Sucks to you I'm wearing wireless headphones!
TeamSuperGrande_ 09
TeamSuperGrande_ 09 7 mesi fa
Malorie Reid
Malorie Reid 8 mesi fa
This is insane!
L Ron Hubbard
L Ron Hubbard 8 mesi fa
Did you ever listen to Eminem..?
L Ron Hubbard
L Ron Hubbard 7 mesi fa
@Gda 420 Well.. He has a distinctive style. One that was nowhete near to what I've listened to here. So yeah.. I guess she never heard him.
Gda 420
Gda 420 8 mesi fa
Come on bro who haven't on this earth listened to Eminem ..
Delany Adekunle
Delany Adekunle 8 mesi fa
What about... skittles??
Kennedy Taylor
Kennedy Taylor 8 mesi fa
Normal Imposter
Normal Imposter 8 mesi fa
Congratulations. You made the cringiest, most un funny video in the world. No scratch that, the 2nd cringiest, because people would want to see how bad the cringiest video is, to make fun of it and laugh. You can’t laugh at this.
PROsthetic Pineapple
PROsthetic Pineapple 8 mesi fa
Rijul Kalra
Rijul Kalra 8 mesi fa
JJ _UNIQUE 8 mesi fa
Lol I just had the most crazy thought. What if Eminem saw this and had a colab with Lily? Lol. And then made this a REAL song? Lol. My ideas are so silly. Eheh heh heh. Eheh he. Eheh. Eh..😮
J L Frith
J L Frith 8 mesi fa
Hey Lilly’s fans check this out itpost.info/dev/kH-FlYung7qph2I/video
Zeenat Hussain
Zeenat Hussain 8 mesi fa
How did u know I was using airpods lol
Eduardo Chacon
Eduardo Chacon 8 mesi fa
Pink Friday.
Zinthu Gobi
Zinthu Gobi 8 mesi fa
My favourite youtube rapper period ❤
ifcourse 8 mesi fa
Whoa that’s so funny GET IT BECAUSE Eminem and m&m so original and funny I’m laughing so hard 😑😑😑
Isaakh j
Isaakh j 8 mesi fa
Can we cancel lily Singh
quarintine is killing me
quarintine is killing me 8 mesi fa
This is fire
Rui S.
Rui S. 8 mesi fa
These rhymes are too basic to be an em song 😂
John Jones
John Jones 8 mesi fa
I thought it was still dope. She raps better than some of these mumble rappers
Trinity Rain
Trinity Rain 8 mesi fa
Survival HH
Survival HH 8 mesi fa
It ain’t
Hello Melo
Hello Melo 8 mesi fa
I used to call him M&M all my childhood
Keviisam 8 mesi fa
Make 6ix9ine rap about skittles
Stan Em
Stan Em 8 mesi fa
It's 2020 . . . . . . And women still aren't funny
Captain Cheek Clapper
Captain Cheek Clapper 8 mesi fa
Aaaayyyy this guy gets it
Jimmy Firecracker
Jimmy Firecracker 8 mesi fa
Was this supposed to be funny?
Ryo 22
Ryo 22 8 mesi fa
This girl can really RAP!!! WOW *-*
Kelvin Watse
Kelvin Watse 8 mesi fa
6ary_slugYT 8 mesi fa
This shits not funny
Mbali Isaacs
Mbali Isaacs 8 mesi fa
But wait, can Eminem please watch this😭🥵!!
Hart Ley
Hart Ley 8 mesi fa
Oh man I just love the POSITIVITY that's RADIATING from these comments
Felix Ahmed
Felix Ahmed 8 mesi fa
trying too hard to be liked.. it’s actually cringeworthy to watch haha
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