Things I Don't Understand About America

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Lilly Singh

5 mesi fa

The healthcare, the politics, the EARTHQUAKES!! I've lived in the United States for 6 years now and I'm still clueless. HELP ME.
Very Honest Q&A (2020 Edition):
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Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo

Aura N Ayush
Aura N Ayush Giorno fa
My dad's name is gagan
Maria Isabel
Maria Isabel 3 giorni fa
Uncle Trump seems like Lauren Lopez's Draco
Maria Isabel
Maria Isabel 3 giorni fa
0:50 *latinoamerica has join the chat*
Farzana Rasheed
Farzana Rasheed 4 giorni fa
Loved the dig at how brown people shorten or Americanise their names to fit in. My partner's best friend went from Chandan (what a beautiful name) to Dan.
Taylor Craig
Taylor Craig 5 giorni fa
I do not understand it ether
Alexa Glipo
Alexa Glipo 5 giorni fa
"These mens day are specially for the white johns"
Nick Ghur
Nick Ghur 10 giorni fa
OMG (oh my God) I'm dying with laughter 13:14 is the best part
Ash Greninja [HD]
Ash Greninja [HD] 12 giorni fa
Did anyone realise that the 'uncle' with the blue the is not Biden and the uncle in our the red tie is trum
JJ & Cocoa
JJ & Cocoa 13 giorni fa
Wait.... October 6th is my birthday 😧
elyah Macdonald
elyah Macdonald 14 giorni fa
aman keswani
aman keswani 15 giorni fa
9:14 OHHH why is this too funny 9:24 as well Lilly you have got tears of joy coming down my eyes
Lakkana Edirisinghe
Lakkana Edirisinghe 15 giorni fa
Lilly= I can't understand politics Me=What are politics???
Adriana Higa
Adriana Higa 16 giorni fa
Lilly:*starts talking about the weird weather in LA* Me in Australia: Hehe try more rain in summer then any other time of the year
Dina Al Shammari
Dina Al Shammari 17 giorni fa
Does anyone’s uncle/dad say ‘my friend’ to someone they barely know.
Table Rock Mobile Detail
Table Rock Mobile Detail 17 giorni fa
See were so surprised about the ER because we don’t have socialized medicine, so they aren’t pinching’d be grateful if they found a brain aneurysm while doing those “useless” test...but hey you would’ve waited prolly 3 months to get that splinter out if you were in Canada...your welcome
Alexis Reed
Alexis Reed 18 giorni fa
How is anyone supposed to do their homework when geniuses like Lilly exist
Tenee Merritt
Tenee Merritt 19 giorni fa
Ok I am not proud of them but have to stand tall because I am American
Michael Telzrow
Michael Telzrow 22 giorni fa
Lacks a sense of humor. Incredibly unfunny.
turk 182
turk 182 22 giorni fa
Are you the lady from the t.v. advert about ladies face cream.
Michael Alvarado
Michael Alvarado 23 giorni fa
Wow! She doesn’t have a funny bone in her body. What a hack.
Tony Walker
Tony Walker 23 giorni fa
What happened to comedy?
Goldfruit Co
Goldfruit Co 23 giorni fa
Bhrithi Gupta
Bhrithi Gupta 23 giorni fa
“Effing Angreji Beat De” is when burst out laughing😂😂
Peter Gadjev
Peter Gadjev 23 giorni fa
"She sounds like she's drunk."
Elisa Espinosa
Elisa Espinosa 25 giorni fa
Omg the lack of timbits and politics just makes sense🤣🤣🤣
francisjuhi 25 giorni fa
Lily acts like we know what’s happening in politics
Sai Shanmukh
Sai Shanmukh 26 giorni fa
make less talk about movies (inspirations'-idols)
Tika Nasta
Tika Nasta 27 giorni fa
Bruh I live in the US, and there is so much I don’t understand about it
Rin Hakemoto
Rin Hakemoto 28 giorni fa
The doctor one be so true my mom be like imma need you to hurry up she literally be setting a timer and be like if you don’t figure it out in this time we leaving and I’m like cheap oh
Just Me
Just Me 29 giorni fa
I completely feel you on the doctor issue!!!!!!! You should see the shenanigans when it's a VA facility
sugarplum Mese fa
shes american too tho.. its a continent not a country
Vedant Patel
Vedant Patel Mese fa
Ans 4 hundred thousand are now dead
Judy Luscombe
Judy Luscombe Mese fa
Trump 2024 Biden cheated
-Inaya A-
-Inaya A- Mese fa
When she said “lack of Timbits”, Not me eating timbit cereal
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Mese fa
This has got to be the most annoying person I have ever witnessed in my life.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 6 giorni fa
@Abubakr #Apostate Yes, obviously. More annoying than Amy Schumer even.
Abubakr #Apostate
Abubakr #Apostate 6 giorni fa
Who? Lilly?
pikachu poll
pikachu poll Mese fa
the Gagan pronounciation was hilarious 😂😂😂
princ3sstofu Mese fa
omg yes i'm the co-dependent asian daughter too i still call my mom for all things
Q. Mattson
Q. Mattson Mese fa
I love how I understood you saying “you want to eat a slap”😊
Alelexi Mese fa
There was an ad in the middle of the debate and it scared me so badly. These debates just make me laugh
Travel Eat Lifestyle
Travel Eat Lifestyle Mese fa
That insurance paper work pissess me off. Covid has added more to it - "have you traveled in the past 14 days?"
Xbox Gamer95847
Xbox Gamer95847 Mese fa
1:58 Huh a unfunny skit that goes on for way to long.
Xbox Gamer95847
Xbox Gamer95847 Mese fa
You know I thought this video would be kinda legit but for real its just another unfunny video by a dieing channel.
Rose-Marie Gallagher
Rose-Marie Gallagher Mese fa
yea WHY dont they have tim hortons??
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy Mese fa
lily will NEVER have enough robux than me
Janna Ouaadidy
Janna Ouaadidy Mese fa
I laughed so much. Keep at it you are awesome
Kara Cake
Kara Cake Mese fa
Well I understand America
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith Mese fa
Honestly Lilly could have just left it at " lack of Tim bits" because that confuses me too. (I'm from Ontario about 3 hours outside of Toronto)
zehra rizvi
zehra rizvi Mese fa
How is this so accurate lol
Zarin .z
Zarin .z Mese fa
Zachary Mese fa
Conclusion: Come back to Canada. No amount of success is worth living in America lmao
Slipper Bae
Slipper Bae Mese fa
OK I have not been following her for so long coz she just was not funny anymore but I laughed a lot with this one. Thank you Lil. Welcome back I guess
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Mese fa
Notice how she never mentioned far in her comedy career.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose Mese fa
"Lack of Timbits" YEPPPPP lolz
Nayja Shah
Nayja Shah Mese fa
Ah! The Indian name pronunciation... that hits the worst... like great names gone wrong
BeccaLife Mese fa
Get under a table and hold onto a table leg.
prakriti thakur
prakriti thakur Mese fa
Lilyyy You are love😘😘😘😘
ali Mese fa
i hate it when ppl try to correct my religion and my culture even though they don't know how to say anything in my languauge. like srsly???
sparkle light
sparkle light Mese fa
yes yes level 3 confidence hahahaha
Easton Roberts
Easton Roberts Mese fa
Well if you hate it move back
MatsuKei Mese fa
I'M DYING haha
Murtuza Hamayun
Murtuza Hamayun Mese fa
Suwarna C A
Suwarna C A Mese fa
The uncle debate was the bestttttt
Jojo B
Jojo B Mese fa
In England, all they do is ask what the problem is, diagnose you and give you a prescription for your medication.
harish menon
harish menon Mese fa
In Australia we get free healthcare plus we don’t have to fill any forms
Madina Pardaeva
Madina Pardaeva Mese fa
Love u soooooo much 💓
Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh Mese fa
I think you should get a full body transplant....😂😂😂
Ree A
Ree A Mese fa
Okay politics are every where and no one understands .
JasmineRut Mese fa hubby is same like you, he won't move back with me to Canada cause he hates winter and you were right on with DOCS too......LOL
Arwen Ives
Arwen Ives Mese fa
that first skit was genius and one of the funniest things I've seen in a while!
Hope Mcneal
Hope Mcneal Mese fa
yeeeeees tho y dont they have timbits
Yoda Mese fa
I understand one thing about *you* You are insanely unfunny
KokichiOma xD
KokichiOma xD Mese fa
I have free healthcare too! British Girl!
homla Mese fa
I've never had to do more than wait for my appointment at the doctors office. Never filled a form in the ER. They only want to know your name and what ails you.
Chavindu Silva
Chavindu Silva Mese fa
wow. cancer in human form
mona demi
mona demi Mese fa
So so agree with Desi kids..Mispronouncing..their own names just to fit in with Americans !
Dr Daily
Dr Daily Mese fa
Lol Canadian relatable my parents weren't born on in canada toooooo
Ra Mi Co
Ra Mi Co Mese fa
You and I are both September babies except my birthday is September 19 1986.
Amandeep Rayat
Amandeep Rayat Mese fa
This was so relatable. 😂😂😂 Effing “angrezi beat te” “Chaped khani aa” 😂😂😂😂😂omg
Carolina Jusem-Laporte
Carolina Jusem-Laporte Mese fa
Just learned when you hear loud noises in other countries you dont immediately wonder if its fireworks or a shooting....Hey fun game let's guess which ones illegal!
JNK 483
JNK 483 Mese fa
Peak comedy
Lorraine Sovereign-Smith
Lorraine Sovereign-Smith Mese fa
Gug-un. Not gug-in.
Anastasia Wainwright
Anastasia Wainwright Mese fa
Me watching the polar bear part: Well ain't no more polar bears talking to you. That's for DAMN sure.
Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson Mese fa
I LOL'd so hard at this video!!! 😂😂
rxqyhsofia x
rxqyhsofia x Mese fa
this is acc the funniest video lilly has ever made😂😂i’ve watched this video about 50 times, litterally
Emile Van Wyk
Emile Van Wyk Mese fa
Lynn Loud
Lynn Loud Mese fa
If you hate winter, just go to BC.
Lynn Loud
Lynn Loud Mese fa
I love how she said social insurance number even though she hasn't lived in Canada for years.
Anna Bassi
Anna Bassi Mese fa
I am Punjabi , And I can just say… If you have an Indian parent with a TERRIFYING British accident… When he yells at you… It isn’t going to be pretty…- Anna Bassi, 2 Minutes after she died
Divyansh Sharma
Divyansh Sharma Mese fa
Confidence × 3000
Atom Walter
Atom Walter Mese fa
Debate me Lily on American issues
Mystique's Aura
Mystique's Aura Mese fa
Lily, lily, lily, the professionalism is out of this world!!! I was expecting more from them, especially men their age.
Mystique's Aura
Mystique's Aura Mese fa
@Maddie They must have lost their way! Lmao!
Maddie Mese fa
They’re like 60-70 I can’t understand how they’re arguing more than me in 4th grade
Map of Soul: 7
Map of Soul: 7 Mese fa
So this Desi guy’s name was Karen, well that’s everyone called him and even what he said it was pronounced like that Then in a presentation he’s like “My name means ray of light in Hindi” Hmmm interesting, SO UR NAME IS KIRAN NOT KARENNN!!
Angela Comella
Angela Comella Mese fa
Yes as a canadian so true......
Zainab Firdous
Zainab Firdous Mese fa
ZoyA aMiji
ZoyA aMiji Mese fa
you premiiered this on my birthday! :)
Enjoy Anonymous
Enjoy Anonymous Mese fa
Hi I’m a brown person of color and like vaginas. “Drum roll.” Please laugh!
kritty kitty
kritty kitty Mese fa
Only 8 lakh views 😞
Maya Rinn
Maya Rinn Mese fa
My Weird Animations
My Weird Animations 2 mesi fa
I like soca and I’m in ny
Crafts and More
Crafts and More 2 mesi fa
Nobody understands anything ever in America. Taxes, health insurance, auto insurance, home insurance. You just pay them coz it’s too much of a time and headache to master them 😂
Max kola
Max kola 2 mesi fa
Pls end this terrible show
Amir Omer
Amir Omer 2 mesi fa
Please Help!
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