Very Honest Q&A (2020 Edition)

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Lilly Singh

6 mesi fa

Y'all came with the SPICE this time. You had questions and I gave VERY honest answers. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to sugar coating everything! If you liked this video and want to see more Q&As, comment below. Love ya x
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Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo

Peace8 20 ore fa
How did your sikh parents react to you coming out?
Marshmello DIY
Marshmello DIY 21 giorno fa
Let’s get Lilly more views!
golly mane
golly mane 22 giorni fa
dead channel
I’m a CACTUS 24 giorni fa
I just realized that’s she’s a Libra I found are new queen Libras
Misty Pie
Misty Pie 25 giorni fa
I love you scrunchy lol 😆
Just Yaretzi14
Just Yaretzi14 26 giorni fa
I love you superLilly!!!!
Alok Mishra
Alok Mishra 7 giorni fa
Hello @Yaretzi Gaytan
Ramadasan 27 giorni fa
U r the reason why I started watching ITpost 🤩🤩🤩😍...keep going dear😇
Kpop Addicted
Kpop Addicted 28 giorni fa
Ok, I'm just saying this for her Cool scrunchie, Lilly
Shree Kulkarni
Shree Kulkarni Mese fa
Please do more such videos🥺❤️. It's so refreshing to see someone being genuinely themselves in the world full of aesthetic filters and pretentious acts. Then again I know Lilly was always like this. Been a subscriber since 2011. I'm so proud of my girl ❤️
Eeliz Mese fa
I absolutely love the Q&A videos! I haven't been on this channel in a while but when I saw she did another Q&A i HAD to come back
Kacy Lane
Kacy Lane Mese fa
Omg she is actually still really cocky
Khushi Rangoon
Khushi Rangoon Mese fa
I actually had no idea about the DC thing. But I feel like it doesn't make a difference she is still the funniest and happiest person on youtube.
Aathenaïz Mese fa
no hun, you should listen to the public because they are your target audience. don’t tell people that their criticism isn’t valid cause they aren’t writers, you should listen to them because if they don’t get something they like ppl will stop watching and you are out of a job
Amara Robinson
Amara Robinson 29 giorni fa
Yes it is her audience but do they working late night no do you working right now no
Amara Robinson
Amara Robinson 29 giorni fa
It’s her show it’s her life she doesn’t have to listen to anyone
Reshma Chandrasekharan
Reshma Chandrasekharan Mese fa
I am all the time trying to figure out which phone she has :D
sonia mahadewsing
sonia mahadewsing Mese fa
my favo part was the whole video!!
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez Mese fa
I love it
Alok Mishra
Alok Mishra 7 giorni fa
Hello @Andrew Lopez
Tanya Tiger Marshall
Tanya Tiger Marshall Mese fa
And this is why she is so amazing!
Jada bug
Jada bug Mese fa
I found superwoman in 2014. And high school was torture because my life was just awful. You helped me so much. Your draw my life video really lifted my spirits. And I'm so grateful you are who you are. I can't tell you the appreciation I have for you.
Quinlan Browne
Quinlan Browne Mese fa
first time watching you after a year, still the most inspiring person i’ve ever watched thank you for always being you. You have helped me to continue you living. I love you! ❤️❤️
Bella of the ball
Bella of the ball Mese fa
So much wisdom in these videos
T Ramdien
T Ramdien Mese fa
Nina Pavlovic
Nina Pavlovic Mese fa
Love the the view on the hate comments
Sethumlee Dias
Sethumlee Dias Mese fa
Nice scrunchie 💚💚
Laura Glatt
Laura Glatt Mese fa
She came out!!!??? How did I miss this!!??? Is there a video?
Amara Robinson
Amara Robinson 29 giorni fa
It’s called a little late with Lilly Singh that’s where she comes out and she came out on Instagram to
Amara Robinson
Amara Robinson 29 giorni fa
Water late night show
Lynda Sheppard
Lynda Sheppard Mese fa
I see your matching scrunchie!
Lashell Davis
Lashell Davis Mese fa
I love your shirt Lilly
Pooja Kanth
Pooja Kanth Mese fa
i love you 💛
yamava 4
yamava 4 Mese fa
11:10 damn those ppl really think they’re affecting u negatively but they’re just adding to ur bank acc 😂😂
6191Cor Mese fa
The last question was the best question. She does a great job in shining a light on our growth (or lack thereof) as human beings. We are at a different stage now when we are seeing more of one another's humanity more often now than before.
dorindaness Mese fa
Best 👏🏿response 👏🏿to 👏🏿haters 🙌🏿
Laveena Nebhwani
Laveena Nebhwani 2 mesi fa
I like your scrunchie XD XD
Shayla Gordon
Shayla Gordon 2 mesi fa
I love your scrunchie Lilly!
always 13
always 13 2 mesi fa
Who all commented about scrunchie???
Moody Niessuh
Moody Niessuh 2 mesi fa
Really loved this video
Xenaysia Hare
Xenaysia Hare 2 mesi fa
Her:I feel like this video has already been 15 minutes my bad. The real timing:Only 2 minutes and 52 seconds😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed 2 mesi fa
Just sending you out one thing Lily, love. Love for being who you are and helping others to be the same. To be an inspiration. To help me laugh when I am the darkest pit of my lire. Thank you Lily. I see how you have carved a niche in being a truly amaizng person, who makes a difference. More power to you dear.
Siddharth Nandi
Siddharth Nandi 2 mesi fa
your audience has become indian people who watch you just because you're indian and it shows.
Alok Mishra
Alok Mishra 7 giorni fa
Hello @Siddharth Nandi
Epic Axolotl
Epic Axolotl 2 mesi fa
I if you put up a poll to see who thinks your funny and it came back with 80 percent thinking you unfunny you still wouldn't take the criticism
Amethyst Gacha
Amethyst Gacha 2 mesi fa
I have a question, why do you call people virgins as soon as they criticise you? As an asexual this is extremely rude and invalidating.
manal zainab
manal zainab 2 mesi fa
lmfao those of u who are accusing her of not taking criticism well hve no idea what its like to be in the industry she has a certain budget and a lot more goes on behind the scenes than that is shown leave her alone
Majix rlc
Majix rlc 2 mesi fa
Why does she lose subscribers, she is such a great person
Aimilios Epanos
Aimilios Epanos 2 mesi fa
with love
Smudgy Cave
Smudgy Cave 2 mesi fa
The Nonsense guy
The Nonsense guy 2 mesi fa
Lily just because you make money doesn't make the criticism invalid. It is like if a famous basketballer lost a game and was criticized for loosing but he instead of trying harder to improve the next time just said "hey I made a million dollars in this game soo my lose doesn't matter". Get some perspective lily .
Arun M Sanil
Arun M Sanil 2 mesi fa
"look at my scrunchie" lol😂😂
Noor Akhtar
Noor Akhtar 2 mesi fa
Alright in order to give lily constructive criticism, we gotta have our own late night shows guys🥲
Emmaxuel Hemmero 2-PAST
Emmaxuel Hemmero 2-PAST 2 mesi fa
Your show should be on ITpost premium.
The Finley Show
The Finley Show 2 mesi fa
I love your scrunchie
Diamonds and Fuzzy slippers
Diamonds and Fuzzy slippers 2 mesi fa
The scrunchy looks soft
sanjali jain
sanjali jain 2 mesi fa
loved this video! you're an inspiration to live life authentically!
JNERDX YouTube 2 mesi fa
Love your scrunchie.
Bipasha Baishya
Bipasha Baishya 2 mesi fa
Love you for what you are....❤
Sri Vidyaa
Sri Vidyaa 2 mesi fa
You're amazing sweetheart
amoni watson
amoni watson 2 mesi fa
i would just like to point out that I do in fact see said scrunchie and its quite pretty lol please keep making videos and being human and still being funny
ash 3 mesi fa
im gonna be as gentle as i can YOUR SHOW SUCKS SOOOOO MUCH
Amara Robinson
Amara Robinson 29 giorni fa
I’m going to be honest it’s not the best but it is entertaining and as a Lilly Singh fan I love her show some of her jokes might be corny and they might be like dad jokes but her show is entertaining she knows some of her segments might not be funny she knows that watch season two I think you’ll like season two
Rosemary Williams
Rosemary Williams 3 mesi fa
Here's a criticism! why like why are you so pretty? huh? go ask your mom that why why?🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Bladimir Cruz
Bladimir Cruz 3 mesi fa
She doesn't respond to hate comments cause she knows they're facts lol the hypocrisy in this video is astonishing.
hufflepuff harry potter lover
hufflepuff harry potter lover 3 mesi fa
Just accept u hate her and move on
hufflepuff harry potter lover
hufflepuff harry potter lover 3 mesi fa
Just accept u hate her and move on
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas 3 mesi fa
She provided a nice video covering so many topics, and yet half of these comments are "OMG, YOU'RE SO SENSITIVE" or "LMAO, YOUR SHOW SUCKED, TAKE CRITICISM."
GR Rao
GR Rao 3 mesi fa
I know Lilly is not gonna see this but I have been watching her for 1 year now and she always puts a smile on my face after a bad day and if your new to her channel consider subscribing bc she can really make your day. Even though I am 10 years and she says 'damn', 'eff' and 'Mother eff', she made me happy. I am proud to be an Indian because she makes Indians proud. Our ethnicity is the same...(just one thing, I'm a South Indian whereas she is North Indian). I just love Lilly😍
Vijayashree Balakrishna
Vijayashree Balakrishna 3 mesi fa
I really love the way you spoke out your truth in this video! All the very best!
glow in style
glow in style 3 mesi fa
Love u lily ur the best !!!!😊
Damany Brown
Damany Brown 3 mesi fa
I am sooooooooooo glad that you are not wearing a mask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damany Brown
Damany Brown 3 mesi fa
I love you Lilly!!!!!!
Simone Casillas
Simone Casillas 3 mesi fa
Can i say...i firggen love that shirt. Can i has it 💁🏾😝
Daria printesa
Daria printesa 3 mesi fa
Is she bi ?
Katerina Kasini
Katerina Kasini 3 mesi fa
Hey lilly, I really hope you read my comment. I've been struggling with my identity lately an watching your videos makes me feel better. Can you please make a video on coming out and how you got through it, and how you defined how you felt? Love you!!
Love Chan
Love Chan 3 mesi fa
Omg at the end I mentally said omg thank you
ADAWG GAMES 3 mesi fa
Nice scrunchy
Rakurai Taiyo
Rakurai Taiyo 3 mesi fa
I'm sorry I don't watch you as much anymore; I started when I was younger. I haven't really left, I still check in every once and a while... But I'm different now, and you're different now, and that's okay. People grow and change, and even though I'm not here as much as I used to be, I'm still happy for you and your success. :)
JrTuber 3 mesi fa
It’s green
Angie Boos
Angie Boos 3 mesi fa
those tomboy vibes !
Ginger Dallin
Ginger Dallin 3 mesi fa
You just KNOW she's deleting comments. This comment section is way too positive for the horrible attitude this girl has.
Amara Robinson
Amara Robinson 29 giorni fa
I detect no horrible attitude good vibes everywhere
Squirtle Neal
Squirtle Neal 3 mesi fa
I love this video
Squirtle Neal
Squirtle Neal 3 mesi fa
Love your scrunchie
Nick Marshall
Nick Marshall 3 mesi fa
"My show was a success" her show also has a 1.6 imdb rating w 5.2k reviews lmao.
Henrietta 2 mesi fa
Oh my god I was like no way and I had to check it
Lohitha thilak
Lohitha thilak 3 mesi fa
Lilly is probably never gonna read this but mahn" YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION ".
Ebony Wilson
Ebony Wilson 3 mesi fa
I've been gone for a while, but I just came to check in, and I feel like you're better, and more yourself, and don't give an eff, and I love to see it. To see you like this, is amazing.
Cinda R Thomas
Cinda R Thomas 3 mesi fa
Cinda R Thomas
Cinda R Thomas 3 mesi fa
Love ya..
Solène Roy
Solène Roy 3 mesi fa
Promote what you love, don’t bash what you hate, eh? 😁
Amara Robinson
Amara Robinson 29 giorni fa
eh Trudeau Trudeau
lauracolorstoo 3 mesi fa
I dropped my scrunchie 😭😂
Bionic Kronic
Bionic Kronic 3 mesi fa
Imagine being so deluded that you have actually created a new form of narcissism.
Amara Robinson
Amara Robinson 29 giorni fa
Dude you’re making no sense and who are you talking about diluted like I don’t I don’t even understand this comment so
Hidayah Mese fa
Why are you saying that and who are you talking about? I don't understand.🤔
ubi kentang
ubi kentang 2 mesi fa
Or a form of self protection. Especially when you have so much at stake.
Epic Axolotl
Epic Axolotl 2 mesi fa
Amethyst Gacha
Amethyst Gacha 2 mesi fa
@Aditi Lalit lol
Samantha 3 mesi fa
Why you flexing your cash flow? Like there's people who are literally fighting to survive. I mean not to hate but......
Brandi Ramos
Brandi Ramos 3 mesi fa
It’s amazing how quickly youtubers forget we made them lmao.
Brandi Ramos
Brandi Ramos 2 mesi fa
@Weird Hooman nah no worries! Just tired of youtubers acting up tbh 😂
Weird Hooman
Weird Hooman 3 mesi fa
@Brandi Ramos yeah my bad you were right
Brandi Ramos
Brandi Ramos 3 mesi fa
@Weird Hooman It’s pretty obvious by how snobby and defensive she is towards her viewers in this video.
Weird Hooman
Weird Hooman 3 mesi fa
How did she forget..
Ashe Trash
Ashe Trash 3 mesi fa
Dude... yes, we may not know how to *run* a late night show.... but we *are* the audience for them. We know what we like to see, what we will tune into watch, what we will change the channel on. It wouldn't kill you to listen to the feedback... I used to really enjoy your content, but you just don't listen to anyone who doesn't agree with you anymore.
Ashe Trash
Ashe Trash 2 mesi fa
@ubi kentang Absolutely great point! Separating one's self from their art and creating that simple divide can help with taking and accepting criticism. It's important to realize criticism of the what you created is not criticism of you as a person, so that you can adapt without feeling a need to enter a defensive state of mind.
hufflepuff harry potter lover
hufflepuff harry potter lover 2 mesi fa
@Shayla Gordon woah
Shayla Gordon
Shayla Gordon 2 mesi fa
Yeah so, Thisssssss is a hate comment. Aha. She doesn't need your opinion, she is always going to be herself. So if you could respectfully shut up. Thanks.
ubi kentang
ubi kentang 2 mesi fa
@hufflepuff harry potter lover sometimes the pro is the misleading one as they might have lose touch with the audience. In reality, to be objective, you have to remember your creative creation is not you. It is an expression, an output or just a thought expressed in media outlet. Once you have grasp this, you can view everything more objectively and be "free-er" in your creation. Producing film, sketches, comedies : It is but just to capture the momentarily thoughts that have been purposely elaborated and put it into frame. I do hope you read this as many artists suffer from identity attachment to their work. Actually everyone in any sort of job, especially high performer. Take a step back. It's not you, it's the product /output or whatever you deem it is.
Henrietta 2 mesi fa
For sure...
Vasiliki Tzalachani
Vasiliki Tzalachani 3 mesi fa
I am so proud of you and the journey you've been on!!!
Dario Rangel
Dario Rangel 3 mesi fa
i just love this type of video straight forward. ngl i been struggling lately, but your advice helped a lot
Gaming Khan
Gaming Khan 3 mesi fa
I miss old skits😭
Billy Goat
Billy Goat 3 mesi fa
You are truly among the few celebrities I genuinely like
kripa 3 mesi fa
Pls do hair hacks since u have long hair don't be serious u can be funny pls
Creativepic by Vishu Mahabir
Creativepic by Vishu Mahabir 3 mesi fa
I’m here because of sixteenleo.
Law K.
Law K. 8 giorni fa
Clueless 2 mesi fa
Yep Same
TORI TORIM 2 mesi fa
Locaia 3 mesi fa
JKZ99 #
JKZ99 # 3 mesi fa
Me too
maplelump 3 mesi fa
1. the scrunchie. *chef's kiss 2. This showed me how that lion guy really cherry picked this video to hate on it/you, but I am glad he did the video, because it made me search you out again just to watch. Haters really be giving you that coin. ;)
Luke Scioscio
Luke Scioscio 3 mesi fa
You've probably dealt with many, many hateful comments and I'm sorry for that. When you say people who criticize others online are wrong, I'm not sure if you mean general criticism or not because I'm pretty sure all my favorite artists asked for lots of criticism on their works and were very self-critical as well. With that being said, if the overwhelming abundance of criticism directed toward you is hateful in presentation, I can imagine why you would want to swear off all criticism to protect yourself. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Even though I didn't like what I saw from your late show, I have watched a few of your youtube videos and I think you're very funny.
Abby Aikin
Abby Aikin 3 mesi fa
Autumn Elizabeth
Autumn Elizabeth 3 mesi fa
I really, genuinely, hope that Lilly’s show succeeds.
TeamSuperGrande_ 09
TeamSuperGrande_ 09 3 mesi fa
This is about Lilly’s scrunchie 😂🔥🔥🔥
Seyna Mbengue
Seyna Mbengue 3 mesi fa
Omg i love ur crunchy 😍 ( u asked us )
iMuzik3 3 mesi fa
Great video!
Yusra Hadi
Yusra Hadi 3 mesi fa
Lilly please fix up your show and take the constructive criticism, stop disregarding it because it doesn't fit your narrative, it's weird to see
Kiki 1705
Kiki 1705 3 mesi fa
I seriously want to ask her how she manages to take care of all of that hair
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