Relationships As You Get Older

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Lilly Singh

6 mesi fa

From your first kiss to your first back injury. From sexting to scheduling. From hot gossip to hot tea... actual tea, because hello digestion. Relationships change a lot as you get older!
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Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh 6 mesi fa
Thanks so much for watching! Always enjoy sharing a rant with you. I'm taking requests for new videos so hit the comments with what you'd like to see!
Adel Lall
Adel Lall Mese fa
Can you plz share one with when you talk Spanish☺plz😶
jean junior jacques
jean junior jacques 2 mesi fa
Don't make it too complicate like commercial. Don't want me like that. I just want somebody to be in love. And understanding importance of my relation with her. And teach me staffs I didn't know ot create new play when we making boxes in your place there or here.
jean junior jacques
jean junior jacques 2 mesi fa
Hi Lilli. It's junior. A crazy fan. I love this show. I want to start the new year 2021. With a indiana girlfriend. Are you disponible for that experience with me. And practice about anything you believe together. So, Let's me know what do you think kamila?
the person who asked
the person who asked 2 mesi fa
diesel patches is the best
Noyt Agbe
Noyt Agbe 2 mesi fa
When you sang those lyrics and i quote " baby you know i'd catch a grenade for ya"i countinued singing like "yeah yeahhh" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Krystian Gregorczyk-Manuel
Krystian Gregorczyk-Manuel Giorno fa
Didn’t laugh once
Daman B
Daman B 2 giorni fa
Like the video! One like = one dinner plate
chocolatechick729 2 giorni fa
Im sorry for your plate.
Phaedra 7 giorni fa
I get the chip in the plate thing. 1. The plate might as well have a giant crack running through it. 2. Even though you have a set, you no longer have a set. 3. But I'll be damned if i buy another set. 4. I bought another set but its not the same. You still have the "other plates" and those might as well be the mismatch ones you stole from peoples houses before you bought the set. I know i unpacked so much here. Its the pandemic, what else do i got to do?
Nikki J
Nikki J 10 giorni fa
"When you're older, life has a schedule." *laughs in Corona*
Eseagwu Benita
Eseagwu Benita 11 giorni fa
Lilly you're a hundred❤❤❤🙌
chloe joseph
chloe joseph 16 giorni fa
Lilly: bro what are you doing u didn't send me a calendar stop just stop did u hear what happen to my dinner plate last week I am still mourning
Aashi Thakur
Aashi Thakur 19 giorni fa
i like your sketches a lot
Noor Alhoussari
Noor Alhoussari 21 giorno fa
OMG I love your shirt!
Telkom Jobz
Telkom Jobz 22 giorni fa
Love is a scam😥😭😭😭
Sudha Mokkapati
Sudha Mokkapati 22 giorni fa
So relatable 😭🤣🙃
Praxi Prax
Praxi Prax 23 giorni fa
Doglovin Boiii
Doglovin Boiii 24 giorni fa
We want sketches
Talia Aziz
Talia Aziz 26 giorni fa
SHE SAID MY NAME i’m going to enjoy this because it never happens. talia isn’t exactlg the most common name out there
tify yung
tify yung 26 giorni fa
omg lily i love your channel
Switch switcher
Switch switcher 28 giorni fa
you you do you have a boyfriend you have a boyfriend you have a boyfriend
Switch switcher
Switch switcher 29 giorni fa
Soleil Moonguy
Soleil Moonguy Mese fa
angela casassa
angela casassa Mese fa
I love your videos they are so funny 😍😁
Rhita Emenah
Rhita Emenah Mese fa
I like all of your stuff! Sketches ! Monologues ,names it!! So so funnnnny Lilly you are the best
Tigerlily Mese fa
Lilly this is too real T_T
Q. Mattson
Q. Mattson Mese fa
I’m too young to be doing some of these things😔
greenisgreener Mese fa
greenisgreener Mese fa
I wouldn’t mind a rant ON WHY PEOPLE GET SO HEATED ABOUT PINEAPPLE OR NO PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA. LIKE BRUH I DONT CARE about that or all y’all other trivial things like legit k homie thanks you’re a doll
shrakul sunsai
shrakul sunsai Mese fa
Lilly I love you soo much! Bring back "the old days" with the T shirt references and your funny skits. I know it is hard to handle your show, ITpost channel and mental health but know we your fans are here for you. 😊🥰😊
kerrian Brown
kerrian Brown Mese fa
Did you really come to 🇯🇲
Siri Lingutla
Siri Lingutla Mese fa
please do more skits they are so funny
Stephanie Rivera
Stephanie Rivera Mese fa
You should date Sickick, I'm serious.
Steven Storm
Steven Storm Mese fa
Oh,I forgot to tell you I”m 72.
Steven Storm
Steven Storm Mese fa
You are a crazy young lady, u make me feel better. Enjoy your life & be happy.
Maya McQue
Maya McQue Mese fa
5.30 that actually happened with my mum and her boyfriend and his name is tim and her names is Claudia which is like Claire 🤣how did u know
Tori Moore
Tori Moore Mese fa
I want to see your parents react to amung us
MayaR animates
MayaR animates Mese fa
F to pay respects for the chipped plate :(
MatsuKei Mese fa
I can relate to this so much, thank you for the great content! :D Made my day
أحلى الوصفات
أحلى الوصفات Mese fa
I love you
Candice Johnson
Candice Johnson Mese fa
Lomba Santa
Lomba Santa Mese fa
Wake me 2021
Lomba Santa
Lomba Santa Mese fa
Well your account on TickTock your account got banned
Ankita dewanjee
Ankita dewanjee Mese fa
You're so one can think of what you are performing. Really that's amazing. Just look at you. You alaways amaze me. Inspiration! Respect
sonia mahadewsing
sonia mahadewsing Mese fa
super funny
sonia mahadewsing
sonia mahadewsing Mese fa
Shogo King
Shogo King Mese fa
You know your getting older when you say stuff like broke down and splurge on a Dyson vacuum
Jenique. T
Jenique. T Mese fa
Lilly looks so pretty with messy hair or partly brushed hair
Mario Whyte
Mario Whyte Mese fa
tanwi gupta
tanwi gupta Mese fa
I really want to know about the dinner plate story 🥺
Mystique's Aura
Mystique's Aura Mese fa
I’m 29 and this is all accurate! She is always on point with life!!
love live and learn
love live and learn Mese fa
who's watching in 2021
kara davies
kara davies 2 mesi fa
Why do I relate to 90% of this but I rlly shouldn’t cause I’m a teenager
sonia mahadewsing
sonia mahadewsing 2 mesi fa
jean junior jacques
jean junior jacques 2 mesi fa
Last on your page ok. Go all the way down.
jean junior jacques
jean junior jacques 2 mesi fa
Check my message I just send to you dear. They are the last on january 1. 20. Love you too. Text me first to get a schedule to meet together. Restaurent, theater etc not working now. We'll work on it together okay boo.
*Amelia Amutavi*
*Amelia Amutavi* 2 mesi fa
The first one was awkward cause I was watching this with my FAM😂🙏
•JennieStar• 2 mesi fa
Her literal outfit is just like the eraser the red side and blue side and the white part is her buttons
Ethan Currie
Ethan Currie 2 mesi fa
Becky Withers
Becky Withers 2 mesi fa
I'd really love some more quarantine sketches! They really help me to shine a light onto this hellhole of a year. 'Kay, love you, Lilly!
Nadia St.Amand
Nadia St.Amand 2 mesi fa
Emmsy A.
Emmsy A. 2 mesi fa
This gives me iisuperwomanii with the Lily art in the background vibes and I love it
NatePowwie 2 mesi fa
Rants, love your rants😁
Fatima Malik
Fatima Malik 2 mesi fa
The videos with your mom and dad
Mercedes Willis
Mercedes Willis 2 mesi fa
I feel weird about the fact that my relationship is like this at 21
Aimilios Epanos
Aimilios Epanos 2 mesi fa
for you dear
maya smile
maya smile 2 mesi fa
Hay,why its so hard to translate its from russian?So,I need to work more,to understand Englishmen...
Ashton Martin
Ashton Martin 2 mesi fa
I am like that, and the worst part is I am 23😂 What the f?
Nané 2 mesi fa
Sorry I typed Lilly with only one l in that other video comments. K BYE
Hello Darkness
Hello Darkness 2 mesi fa
Does anyone know where I can get her tshirt??
Dia diaries
Dia diaries 2 mesi fa
You just have a good day
Sada 3 mesi fa
Rewatching these keeps my quarantine wayyy better!!❤️❤️❤️
Black Jack
Black Jack 3 mesi fa
I would like to see more skits tbh
Helena 3 mesi fa Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre...fd
Flozu - Chan
Flozu - Chan 3 mesi fa
I'm get some crusty old back
Flozu - Chan
Flozu - Chan 3 mesi fa
I'm a youth but I know what's gonna happen to meh
Loxley Battle
Loxley Battle 3 mesi fa
So true. I moan harder with a massage than for anything else.
OT7 ARMY 3 mesi fa
Petition for manjeet and paramjeet to react to wap Please make it happen 😁🙏
Hey It's Cami
Hey It's Cami 3 mesi fa
“You can get up from your chair without throwing out your back” wow way too relatable
Squirtle Neal
Squirtle Neal 3 mesi fa
I like to see more of your dog 🐶
napqueen 3 mesi fa
rip dinner plate 2020
Samantha Sawyer
Samantha Sawyer 3 mesi fa
Your poor dinner plates ☹️
Dumb Tomato
Dumb Tomato 3 mesi fa
I feel called out when she said 'staying up until 4 am drinking beers' not drinking beer but it's 3 am and I should most definitely be asleep.
Marina Diaz
Marina Diaz 3 mesi fa
What if I am a youth who's watching this video for the warning?
Zayna Hashim
Zayna Hashim 3 mesi fa
rip the dinner plate
Odile McDevitt
Odile McDevitt 3 mesi fa
ok but you should be making gluten free pasta from the start, I can't eat gluten. It's nothing sweet, it's basic respect
Namit sehgal
Namit sehgal 3 mesi fa
okay......... i like your videos, they are awesome and soo relatable but how much caffeine do you take before filming your videos
N V 3 mesi fa
Mazvita Selemani
Mazvita Selemani 3 mesi fa
5:23 that accent change though😂😂
Emanuela Isac
Emanuela Isac 3 mesi fa
Always loved all your content lilly! I've been following since the 2013! Love to see you grow! keep at it!
nukorial 3 mesi fa
Your beautful inside and out
James Hill
James Hill 3 mesi fa
it didn't work out.... because you didn't workout.
Adolf Hotler
Adolf Hotler 3 mesi fa
I’m sure all your malnourished 11 year old followers can relate.
Refilwe Raseroka
Refilwe Raseroka 3 mesi fa
Lol wen you are young people are definitely messing you up 🤣🤣🤣
Trenton Ward
Trenton Ward 3 mesi fa
I thought the thumbnail was Brandon Rogers mom character
Adora - Aint posting, just watching
Adora - Aint posting, just watching 3 mesi fa
"Spontaneousness" "Spontaniety." "The act of being spontaneous." This is exactly what I do also.
Emilee Rubin
Emilee Rubin 3 mesi fa
You made me laugh so hard that I'm actually crying lmaoo
KK Tuuaga
KK Tuuaga 3 mesi fa
Love you lilly
TheNovelNovelist 3 mesi fa
Wait, who buys BOXES of grapes?
Norah Autumn 24
Norah Autumn 24 3 mesi fa
Lmao thats all i have to say
Grace B
Grace B 3 mesi fa
More sketches please! love ur channel btw :)
Lici Mum
Lici Mum 3 mesi fa
I'm Jamaican😃☺
Bhavya Goyal
Bhavya Goyal 3 mesi fa
Please please please make more rant videos
Eva Longley
Eva Longley 3 mesi fa
Will you please do a video on different types of youtubers that would be amazing !
Eva Longley
Eva Longley 3 mesi fa
Please lilly
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